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    Model Engineer , Lister 6/1 Diesel Plans - I have 16 parts 4448-4475 Anymore parts ?

    How many parts of model engineer lister 6/1 plans been published, I have first 16 parts,Anyone willing to sell / send me missing issues pdfs ? thanks, Umut
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    Steel Fiber - Textile or Titanium Wire in Epoxy with Graphite Powder for Engine Casing

    We discussed glass fiber , wood , carbon fiber , carbon fiber powder for engine casing and parts making. Now last gun is the steel fibers which comes in 3 cms and 3 mms long variants , We put in epoxy and there is graphite powders inside also Does it make as good as or better than aluminum...
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    Carbon Fiber Roving and Carbon Fiber Powder Comparison in Strenght for Engine Casing

    In Istanbul, there are two options for making fiber reinforced plastic making with carbon fiber or with carbon fiber powder. Carbon fiber is ultra expensive and fragile in roving form. Second option , kilograms of carbon fiber powder is abundant and ultra cheap. I want to make a casing for...
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    Carbon epoxy engine casing patented and working ! So fiberglass or WEST?

    I think 30-35 years ago , someone at usa proved that carbon epoxy engine casing was lightweight and strong , heat resistant and works. He made many nascar like race engines and they completed the race without malfunction. Thats good but carbon is ultra expensive here and the epoxy. And only...
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    Ultra High Strenght Bunker Concrete Beton Engine Making

    Hello there, I have read tons of scientific papers on bunker concretes which made for heaviest air raid. If you read reactive concrete at google , you impress with their strenght. For example , they make an wall with reactive concrete and explode c4 nearby and concrete as it is. Well , I am...