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    Mitutoyo or Starrett?

    Hi The topic of which precision measuring instruments brand is very personal opinion based, there are people who will swear by Starrett, or Swiss makes, or mitutoyo, or practical people that are be able to use chinese or cheap stuff with same results. If you are not working on a temperature...
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    Whats up with HMEM?

    Well, I said that if someone feel offended, or see that my post is out of place, that please ignore it. Yet you pass judgment on me, as your neighbor girlfriend... I got it, if you dont participate, then stay off. pretty clear. I was part of this forum before as I´m now, the fact that I do not...
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    Whats up with HMEM?

    Hi As i'm not longer an active member (just watch some building threads and stuff), I´m not sure if i'm well placed here to post an opinion on this matter, I will do, if you feel that is out of place or does not hit the issue, please ignore it, or some moderator please erase it. I think, that...
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    Cheap bellows for a Micro Mark mill

    Hey that's very useful! The ones in my mini mill had broken for a lot of time now, I will look to replace them with your method. Saludos
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    Measurement equipment

    I use a cheap dial caliper, I checked it agains some gage blocks in five points of the scale and I got a margin of about +/-0.02 mm, not bad for the price. For presision instruments you can get very lucky with chinese stuff, but you have to inspect what you are getting frist, of course you will...
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    Metal Crumbles

    You must check the tool geometry, tool height, speed of the spindle, feed, and also the deep of the cut. Also the type of metal will affect. I will try a high RPM and a very small cut, adjust the feed until you feel that the tool is cutting good. with silver steel (drill rod unhardened)...
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    No lathe, no mill, no idea!

    wellcome! lots of us started in the same situation like yours, this hobby only requieres time and a lot of patience (also money)... But dont get discouraged by that, once you made the big inversion (a lathe with milling attachment or lathe and mill), from that point you can start making your...
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    Machining...Logical Starting Place for an Engine Build

    Hi Most of the people start with the engine block or the base/support (in case of a vertical steam engine type) After that you make the inside pieces, but there is no order at all, start with the piece that you are more confident. a tip: make first the cylinder bore, then a maching piston...
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    Vise for X2 mill

    I have the 3" screwless vise and I love it, the size is perfect for the mini-mill and you can find it for around ~US$70 or less Saludos
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    X2 or heavy duty mill which one to buy?

    Hi I got the mini mill for a couple of years now and is perfect for model making, with a little work and mods of course. And its able to handle steel too, with little cuts and a lot of patience. The problem with the mini-mill is when you want to make bigger parts, like machine parts or other...
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    silly, but real, plan requests for pump...operated by cats

    jaja this is a very funny topic dam cats, mine drink water for every place on the house or yard, but not from his water dish... For your project the first thing to come in my mind is a "finger engine", something that the cat can press and make a flywheel to move and activate a water pump, but...
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    Its First-Steam-Engine time!!

    Finally afther so many time... I finish my little engine today! Here are some pictures of the final tasks: Here Im trying to make a seccond attemp for the front sheet, again from stainles steel, remember the first one? well this one didn't go well too... After the "etching"... well, It...
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    Its First-Steam-Engine time!!

    Well, here I am with some more progress: Now, come the time to make the valve handwheel, first I was planning to use my rtary table to index the valve shape, previously machined in the lathe, but since I dont have any tooling for te RT yet, I figure that it will not be posible in mortal means...
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    Its First-Steam-Engine time!!

    Thanks dclark! got more progress, still need to sand the piece, but thats the rougth shape, and the valve seems to work fine with mouth pressure :rolleyes: here: more will come! Saludos
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    Its First-Steam-Engine time!!

    Hi to all, its been a while since I post somethig Gus: how are your doing? you finish your glow plug engine? the casting that I use on the fluywheel was originally an old pulley salvajed from the scrapyard, I strongly believe that it was part of a very old sewing machine, but I cant be sure. I...
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    Chinese 7x Lathe Safety Issue

    my mini-mill does the same thing, when I pull the speed control knob totally off, it pull a switch that makes "click" that supposedly turn off the machine, but with a little rotarion by hand of the spindle, its start to rotate at very low speed... I have gotten used to this fact, but I have...
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    Its First-Steam-Engine time!!

    Hi I have been very bussy with the university, but now I have some spare time to start machining again, Im very close now to finish the engine! after almost one year and half... I just made the flywheel, to make it, I pick some cast iron pipe or tube from the scrap yard, the plan is to put...
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    Cylindrical Grinding (Germany)

    I have to get me one of those! :o
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    Cheap gage blocks...worth it??

    Hi to all, after some thinking I came across with a Mitutoyo set of metric mics standars, at least for my porpourse (calibrating my micrometers) this was great. so I picked up this set and let the gage block ond hold for a while, as the standar are Mitutoyo´s, they are the industrial standards...
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    Model Engine Builder magazine changes format

    I am interested, registration is $ 24 annually or monthly? the magazine is purely imperial-measure content? or contains some metric stuff too? Saludos