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  1. cl350rr

    For Sale: German Hand Held Tachometer

    Really a work of art inside, lots of gears and rotating parts, all brass and shiny inside, has several selectable gear ratio for different RPM ranges. Includes original case which shows some wear but keeps the Tack protected. $75 + shipping from 23452
  2. cl350rr

    I must have an Iron deficiency

    If I had the means, I would act on this one. some really cool early machining history here ready to go to the scrapper. Please save them if you can... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320676321211&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT Randel
  3. cl350rr

    Iron Piston Ring Surface Prep

    I have spent most of the winter in search of compression on my Odds and Ends engine with minimal success. I have now produced 4 different sets of iron rings for it and the last set are about as good as I will be able to do. I installed them and tried the engine and the compression is better than...
  4. cl350rr

    How to correctly install piston rings on a 1" diameter piston

    I am seekin input on how others do this. I made a round set of rings by the no heat method and after cranking them in the bore, they appear to be touching on about 70% of their diameter. they were round prior to being installed on the piston so I can only assume that my bore is not round or the...
  5. cl350rr

    All Roads Lead Here

    Just an observation In my current life situation I spend alot more time googling about building engines then i get to actually work on them :-\ I have recently noticed that almost every link I click on to read about an engine building technique... brings me here ??? great work guys ;D that...
  6. cl350rr

    Fire Eater question

    Sorry but I have been searching threads till my eyes fell out and cannot find this; a few weeks back someone posted about building a fire eater engine and included a link and a pic (I think) of an engine that was published in popular mechanics in the 1950s of the engine. it had a flap like door...
  7. cl350rr

    Books for Sale

    Books for sale: cleaning out the bookcase Payment accepted by US postal Money order. I will accept PayPal if you pay the fees. Building the James Coobes Table Engine Construction details by Andrew Smith This book the drawings and building instruction to construct the engine on the cover. 36...
  8. cl350rr

    Sold!------------Elmers Horizontal Mill Engine steam kit-------------Sold!

    For sale: steam engine kit to build Elmer's Horizontal Mill Engine. Includes the folded plans, all stock and hardware in the pictures and a copy of Live Steam featuring a building article on the engine. $35 + shipping
  9. cl350rr

    Where can I find a chuck key to fit a Ridgid drill chuck?

    I have a Ridgid Supreme 6T33 1/2" capacity drill chuck mounted on a 2MT for my lathe. It is a rugged chuck and appears to be well made. problem is there is no chuck key for it and none of the standard sizes at the hardware stores fit it. I have done a good deal of searching online with no luck...
  10. cl350rr

    No way around it, I had to make steam today

    Not all that magnificent but it made steam just the same: http://s147.photobucket.com/albums/r312/cl350rr/Engines/?action=view&current=oddsandends008-1.mp4 HH R
  11. cl350rr

    Ring Gaps

    what should the uncompressed ring gap be on a 1" bore cast iron sleve IC engine with 2 cast iron .050 width rings? thanks R
  12. cl350rr

    fuel hose

    I have searched and cannot find anything, what do you IC builders use for fuel line from the tank to the carb. I have seen some use copper tube but I would like to run hose. will the silicone tubing sold for model airplane engines hold up to coleman fuel? thanks Randel
  13. cl350rr

    Finishing the Phil Duclos Odds and Ends

    Hello all. I have a few engines in the "not yet finished" stage and decided that the only way I was going to make the time to finish them any time soon was to sign on here, learn a few things and complete the parts I have been putting off so here we go. first I am amazed at the tooling...
  14. cl350rr

    Odds and Ends valve question

    Hello all, I am working on final assembly of my odds and ends hit and miss engine and have a question for those who have a running one. Is the exhaust cam follower wheel supposed to contact the cam lobe when the rocker is blocked in the "miss" position? thanks for your help Randy
  15. cl350rr

    automotive points for Odds and Ends Hit and Miss engine

    Does anyone know where to find a drawing of the mounting plate for using automotive points on aDuclos odds and ends engine?
  16. cl350rr

    New here

    Hello, new guy here with mostly self taught machining experience. I have a small shop in the back yard with lathe, drill press, foundry, etc. plus some sherline stuff for winter time when the shop is too cold. I bought a guy out of his equipment and engine projects a few years ago and set...