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    Milling cast iron (Class 40)

    I need to mill out the webbing on a flywheel made from round stock, gray cast iron (class 40). I have a bench mill (PM727V with 1KW DC motor) that can do 2000 RPM. The webbing is 0.300" thick. I was thinking of getting a 5/16" carbide endmill and looking for suggestions. the 5/16" was chosen due...
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    Spur gear meshing question.

    I am trying to address a mistake with my cam/crankshaft gears. I will be cutting mod 0.5 gears, 39T and 78T. I just checked the distance between shaft centers and found that I am 0.008" too short (should be 1.1515" and I have drilled them at 1.1435"). Since I have yet to cut the gears, I was...