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  1. cwelkie

    Walking Beam Sterling - It runs!

    Hi all, Thought I'd share a video of my latest. It's from the kit of materials from Grizzly Tools. I thought it would make a good diversion from the long term engine projects and shop tooling that have been common around my shop of late. It's my first Sterling cycle engine and even though I've...
  2. cwelkie

    Floating Die/Tap/Reamer Holder

    Hi all, I thought I's share one the tools I've been meaning to build for quite awhile, a floating head die folder. Not an original design by any means but one that looks like it will be a useful addition to the collection of "stuff". It is built around a standard, blank MT3 arbor that I had...
  3. cwelkie

    1/4 Scale Gnome Rotary

    Many of you have already seen some photos of my current build - a 1/4 scale Gnome built from Stephen Wessel's excellent drawing set for a 1/3 scale version. Just thought that you might like to see some of the recent progress ... First - one of the spark plugs. Corian insulator with a 10-32...
  4. cwelkie

    Yet another Canadian on-board

    It seems I've neglected the call for an introduction long enough. I've spent a lifetime trying to do things rather than "clubs" and have lurked in these parts long enough to realize that this collection of forums truly is a community - just like the masthead says. What a community it is too...