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    Milling cast iron (Class 40)

    I need to mill out the webbing on a flywheel made from round stock, gray cast iron (class 40). I have a bench mill (PM727V with 1KW DC motor) that can do 2000 RPM. The webbing is 0.300" thick. I was thinking of getting a 5/16" carbide endmill and looking for suggestions. the 5/16" was chosen due...
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    Spur gear meshing question.

    Lots of interesting stuff presented. I appreciate the conversation. I went with using mod 8 gear cutters, with a 40T/80T ratio. Did not redrill the exhaust cam shaft hole. And you know what? It worked. As Mr. rkyle62 put it, "I'm over thinking the problem. Moving on to the next issue. Thanks to...
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    Big Earls Farmboy #758

    It has been a year since the last posting. I am curious to know what the status of the project is as I am in the middle of my own effort. One thing I will mention is Mr. Howell talks about using acetone as a fuel. If you want to do that, don't paint the frame.
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    Spur gear meshing question.

    I am trying to address a mistake with my cam/crankshaft gears. I will be cutting mod 0.5 gears, 39T and 78T. I just checked the distance between shaft centers and found that I am 0.008" too short (should be 1.1515" and I have drilled them at 1.1435"). Since I have yet to cut the gears, I was...
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    Zip Wall for Shop Heat Containment?

    My shop is a old single car, cinder block garage. For the first couple of winters I dragged in garage space heater. Warmed the space OK, but the friggin' machines were so cold that working with them was not pleasant. And, of course, gloves are a No No. Last summer I added rigid foam insulation...