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  1. kvom

    Muncaster Grasshopper beam engine

    I started this project just short of one year ago. It is based on drawings by Herman Muncaster in Model Engineer in the 1930s and revived by Edgar Westbury in 1957. These drawings were used by Julius de Waal to build a 3D model in SolidWorks, from which he produced publicly available plans...
  2. kvom

    Cabin Fever 2019 is Jan 17-20.

    I'm flying up so bringing nothing to exhibit.
  3. kvom

    Colibri dynamic sculture

    I documented this non-engine build at http://www.modelenginemaker.com/index.php/topic,7609.0.html Plans were acquired from derekhugger.com/colibri, and the first part was made in November, 2017. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHDfKOT-6tE
  4. kvom

    Adding a high-speed spindle to my CNC mill

    Although my Novakon NM200 is a quite capable mill, it's max spindle speed is only 4000 RPM. For small endmills and engraving, the lack of sufficient RPMs means slower feed rates and less than optimum chipload. I recently purchased a Makra electric spindle from user ICEPeter, after doing some...
  5. kvom

    Shaper as hacksaw

    In scrolling through the build log for Buchanan's clock, I found this interesting image.
  6. kvom

    Jansjoe machine light from Clickspring

    I recently came across this youtube video about a moveable/flexible LED light for illuminating a machine workarea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6JkUO8AHOQ I went downtown Atlanta to Ikea and bought a couple of the Jansjo lamps for $9.99 each, and ordered two magnetic bases from McMaster...
  7. kvom

    Ouzof Coventry Engine

    I documented this on the MEM site. Engine still needs some air leaks attended to, but I will be running it at Cabin Fever next week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMRqFUIV8ak
  8. kvom

    How not to get into railroading

    Woman cab driver in Quito Ecuador took that turn a little too fast.
  9. kvom

    Stuck drill fragment -HELP!

    1/8" cobalt twist drill broken in through hole in CI. There's only about 1/8" of the drill still stuck, but it's resisted pressing out with vise and arbor press. Also broke a carbide EM trying to drill it out. Heated with a torch a bit but probably not enough. Could resort to 20-ton shop...
  10. kvom

    Joy Valve Gear Horizontal Engine

    Build thread: http://www.modelenginemaker.com/index.php/topic,3584.0.html
  11. kvom

    4th axis

    I decided to upgrade my CNC mill by adding a 4th axis. They're very useful for gear cutting, and potentially other jobs. Unit is basically your Chinese 8" rotary table with the manual handle replaced by a stepper motor. My mill's controller already had the electronics to drive it, so it was...
  12. kvom

    TB2 build Elmer's #46 Comber - back from the dead

    Having gotten the Muncaster engine to the initial run state I have decided to revive my example of the Comber engine, Elmer's #46. The parts have been sitting is a storage drawer in my shop since 2008. One reason I didn't continue is that I didn't get parts from everyone on the team, and as...
  13. kvom

    OnShape - free 3D pro cad

    The team that started SolidWorks has come out with a new 3D design/CAD system called OnShape. It does a lot of what SolidWorks does, and if you know SW or another 3D modeling system you'll probably find as I did that it's easy to pick up. You can also upload SW parts and assemblies and...
  14. kvom

    Face mill

    I've been shopping eBay for a face mill with a R8 shank for a while, and finally found one I like. 3" diameter Mitsubishi that uses square inserts (SEEN type). Tried it out on some HRS and then this chunk of 6061 on the bridgeport. This will save a lot of time preparing stock over 3/4" end...
  15. kvom

    Any Solidworks Gurus here?

    I am attempting to model the Joys Valve engine I'm building, mainly to educate myself in SW. All is well until I get to the valve gear. When I model the rocker slides in a sub assembly, I can move the sliders and the mated valve link easily. However, when I add the subassembly to the engine...
  16. kvom

    Thread milling

    I've been interested for quite a while in trying some thread milling, and recently bought a tool for this on eBay. Single-point thread mills can cut multiple pitches, and this one can do 13-32 TPI. For finer pitches these tools require a relief angle on the teeth to match the ramp angle...
  17. kvom

    Joy's Valve Gear Horizontal Engine

    I've had this engine on my "want" list for a few years having seen a completed model in past years at both NAMES and Cabin Fever. So this year at NAMES I picked up the casting set. I had purchased the drawings earlier from Dennis Howe at HistoricModelsandReproductions.com. At the show I met...
  18. kvom

    Die grinder for engraving

    Recently Travers Tool had a half-price special on this air-driven die grinder: http://www.travers.com/37238-85-100-200 For less than $50 shipped I decided to give it a try with the idea of using it for an engraving spindle on my CNC mill. It showed up yesterday in the mail. The body is...
  19. kvom

    Weston Bye Magnetic Gear Clock

    At Cabin Fever last year I bought the 5 issues of Digital Machinist where this clock's plans were published. Other than drawing some of the parts in CAD, I didn't do anything until this week, when I decided I needed another project. I spent the day making the first two parts, the main and...
  20. kvom

    Some experiments with Cubify Design

    I was gifted with a copy of Cubify Design 2014, an updated version of Alibre Design. I used it to machine one 3D part, a simple cylindrical surface. Then I worked through the online tutorial video on youtube, and have now gotten some basic feel for parametric design using the program. For...