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  1. tel

    April 25

    Don't you forget blokes!
  2. tel


    This from ME site, in case you don't go there. Another asset to our fraternity gone to the big workshop in the sky. He will be missed. We are sad to announce the passing of John Bertinat. A name familiar to many readers of Model Engineer, John wrote many articles and is remembered for his...
  3. tel

    Today was a

    ....big day at the House of Tel - first, Rory James put in an appearance at 2:28am and in the evening Tel's Paddys Day bash!
  4. tel

    Two wishing wells

    The first and the last.
  5. tel

    Knee deep in popcorn.

    The modest start to yet another popcorn engine. 1. Flywheel - straight spokes because the 1/4" brass rod I had refused to bend even after heavy annealing, it would go so far then snap (cold short). 2. Cylinder - slightly modified from Stew's design. Bore take out to 9/16" amd a little...
  6. tel

    Aus Day

    Break out the flags you blokes & fire up the barbie!
  7. tel

    Captive nut

    Been 'gunna' make one of these for a while now - the completion of Boggy's threading tool gave me the excuse!
  8. tel

    A bit further to go Brian?

    This bloke's marble elevator seems to have a few more elements to it http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/vid...hp&form=MSNrll
  9. tel

    Just when I thought ....

    .... I couldn't shoehorn another thing into the workshop .....
  10. tel

    MOVED: Global WM280v Lathe electrical fault?

    This topic has been moved to Tools & Tips. http://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/index.php?topic=14536.msg149598#msg149598
  11. tel

    ANZAC Day

    Unusually, ANZAC Day falls on Easter Monday this year - let us not overlook it because of that. Hoist the flag, Aussies!
  12. tel

    Some extra space

    Gained another 160 square feet of workshop space yesterday.
  13. tel


    .. made me do it!
  14. tel

    Adept standard lathe question

    Anyone here have one of these little beasties? I have a friend who has one, sans tailstock and hand rest and would greatly appreciate the dimensions of both if possible.
  15. tel

    Kerzel a'la Tel

    I haven't posted much on this build, as I didn't want to intrude too much on Brian's excellent coverage of his build, but as Brian's version enters its final few struggles to completion I thought I might just give a few progress shots now & then. The last couple of wet days has finally allowed...
  16. tel

    Tailstock Turret

    Something I've wanted for rather a long time is a tailstock turret, so a couple of weeks back I started looking around for a suitable design. Came up with almost an embarrassment of riches! Two on the web (Harold Hall and GH Thomas) and a somewhat vague one in Sparey's book, and, in the current...
  17. tel

    'Look Ma ...

    ..... no brains' It won't take a genius to work out just what suggestion was put forth at last weekend's show, and there's certainly no prize for guessing just which mug took it on. The abiding mystery is why I always fall for these things - it's not as if I don't have enough on the go already...
  18. tel

    Any ideas on this thing?

    As posted elsewhere, I spent the weekend running my engines at BATHEX - the three yearly exhibition of the Bathurst Collector's club. During the course of the weekend a bloke turned up with this engine, wanting do info/advice. Now on the face of it, it is an ordinary oscillator built onto the...
  19. tel

    Getting ready

    This weekend is the last frantic burst getting ready for the display next weekend. I've identified 8 engines to take along, and my enginering pard will be bringing another 5 or 6 - should be enough to keep us busy with the two boilers. Today, a bunch of adaptors so that we can be sure his...
  20. tel

    Another one underway

    During my recent cruising around the net I came across this site which has a wealth of potential models just waiting to be made. I was particularly taken by the very top one, a double cylinder horizontal oscillator. Been thinking about it for a few days, and I reckoned that the only really...