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  1. Tin Falcon

    Tensile tester.

    Does anyone here have experience with or know a good link to a simple INEXPENSIVE shop built tensile tester that would be suitable for testing test blanks generated by a 3d printer ?? I have consulted the almighty GOOGLE with less than satisfactory results. I have seen and downloaded...
  2. Tin Falcon

    Plastic gears 3D printed

    Well folks while browsing tony Birds thread on the paddleboat build I saw some cool spur gears that looked 3d printed. I inquired about the gears and to my disappointment found they were a purchased commercial product. http://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/showthread.php?t=25301 But...
  3. Tin Falcon

    Building a 3d printer kit FT Prusa I3 2020

    ]As many of you know about a month ago I purchased a 3d printer kit from Folger Technologies It took me a weekend to build and another couple weeks part time to get it running and it still needs some adjustment. and there was a request for a build log. Sadly I did not take the time. But...
  4. Tin Falcon

    The next generation of 3in1/Multi purpose machine

    There has been some discussion on various kickstarter and other startup projects of cnc multi purpose fabrication systems. These are typically based on some sort of reprap 3d printer frame, a small router base or a robot arm. Then there are several options for work heads that can be...
  5. Tin Falcon

    Is 3D printing for all generations?

    An interesting question to ponder. Ron Ginger is certainly one of our digital technology experts and one of the more senior members here. And I expect some of the other senior members embrace the digital age. But what about the general public? This U tube video explores the answers(s)...
  6. Tin Falcon

    Wanted :Tool and die maker

    Wanted experienced tool and die maker New Castle DE 19720 USA One of my customers need help. http://www.wilmfibre.com/contact-wilmington-fibre.html job description and application link here tool and die maker Tin
  7. Tin Falcon

    Machining For Hobbyists- book review

    Just received my copy of a brand new book Just released July 2015 Title : Machining for Hobbyists Getting started Author: Karl H. Moltrecht Publisher industrial Press 220 pages, Binding :8-1/2 x11 Soft cover ISBN: 9780831135102 MSRP$29.99 First impression judging the book by the cover. The...
  8. Tin Falcon

    Hobby Laser cutter/engraver?

    I have been looking and pondering at the offerings on LAser cutters. Wondering if anyone here has one of these little chinese machines. There are of course lots of choices at a broad range of quality and price points . The main ones I am looking at are in the sub $ 500 range. Yea I know did...
  9. Tin Falcon

    Core XY printer scratch build.

    Or another fancy cube. Built by a German high school student. Built for about 300 euros. Open source and well documented from what I see. http://www.3ders.org//articles/20150515-sixteen-year-old-shares-build-plans-for-300-euro-vulcanus-v1-3d-printer.html...
  10. Tin Falcon

    3d metal printing

    A new 3d printer filament company called sinterhard is introducing filament that will allow the printing of a solid metal part with a filament 3d printer. Unlike other metal fills we have seen this is designed to be post processed in a furnace to make a usable metal part. Initial offerings...
  11. Tin Falcon

    3d printed Stirling engines

    3d printed low delta t stirling engines AKA solar engines. And wind turbines. http://www.3ders.org//articles/20150406-harvest-your-own-energy-using-3d-printed-wind-turbines-and-solar-stirling-engines.html The plan manuals are available for IIRC $12 usd and delivered by...
  12. Tin Falcon

    NEMES Show 2015

    Breaking News. The 2015 New England Model Engine Society show will be held two weeks late this year at a New venue. Place: Boott Cotton Mill Lowell National Historic park 115 John St 4th floor Lowell MA Parking 75 Johns ST When: Saturday Feb 28th 10 AM - 4 PM setup @8 am Show...
  13. Tin Falcon

    3D printed lathe.

    So someone has a 3 d printer and wants to turn some pulleys but they have no lathe . So what does this person do well print one of course. I guess this fall somewhere in between crazy and ingenious. So enjoy the video. Just stumbled across this on you tube had to share. Tin...
  14. Tin Falcon

    Toyota 4 Cylinder Engine 22RE 3d printed model

    OK I know this is not as spectacular as the running V8 models and the 9 and 18 cylinder radials that some folks build. But IMHO interesting enough to post. This more like the plastic see though engines plastic models some of us had as kids. Article here...
  15. Tin Falcon

    ORNL Shelby

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXvIMRklWiM Just way cool http://www.3ders.org//articles/20150110-ornl-3d-printed-a-full-scale-shelby-cobra-replica-a-highlight-of-obama-visit.html tin
  16. Tin Falcon

    How good is your 3D printer

    For those of you that have a 3d printer and want o evaluate it / put it through thee pases here is a seines of test prints used by make magazine to score print performance. http://makezine.com/2014/11/07/how-to-evaluate-the-2015-make-3dp-test-probes/ Have fun Tin
  17. Tin Falcon

    The lathe Face Plate

    This post was prompted by the recent thread and discussion of 4 jaw chucks. Since work holding is such an important part of lathe work and castings and other awkward shapes can be a challenge to set up I thought I would start this discussion. In reading many of the old machining and Model...
  18. Tin Falcon

    Spectacular fail

    Wow what can I say the first night launch of a spacecraft in a long time to generate an audience and it goes down in history. Unmanned but lots of supplies for the space station crew and total loss of the craft as well as major damage to the launch facility. Lots of questions to be asked of...
  19. Tin Falcon

    Lego CAr

    Just when you think you have seen everthing cool and technical someone comes up with another awesome project. you have to see this assuming it is not a fake. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ObE4_nMCjE Tin
  20. Tin Falcon

    Prosthetists meet printers

    PROSTHETISTS MEET PRINTERS Historic first time Seminar @ John Hopkins Hospital Sunday Sept 28 ,14 Deadline extended to Sept 24th All day event ticket includes lunch dinner and evening mixer. if you have or planning to have a 3d printer and want to help people with upper limb...