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    New Touch DRO

    Before and After - Slick setup - Great improvement so far!
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    Lynx 15cc Related Questions -

    Can anyone provide me with the part numbers and sources for the pulleys and belt used in the Lynx OHC ? Also, is about the only place to find the Lynx drawings on Pocketmags? I'd like to eventually get these plans. Thanks!
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    Upshur Vertical(s)

    I never really had a lot of interest in this engine, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it and thought it would be a very worthwhile project. Since all of the parts are relatively small and easy to do (so far) I figured why not do a couple of them while I was at it. Then, I started...
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    So many plans... / 4-stroke Cox

    As I look through all of the plans, pics and other documents that I have collected and try to sort and prioritize my to do list that I am always adding, sorting, and on a rare occasion, removing items. I do enjoy that process, but I need to stop that for a while and actually get busy on one if...
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    Wanted - Issue #20 - Model Engine Builder

    Greetings, I am looking for issue# 20 of Model Engine Builder from 2009. I picked up a stack of this fine publication and it is lacking this issue. Take a look, maybe someone has an extra copy or one that they would part with. Thanks!
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    Small Ignition Coil Drive Question

    Has anyone used a coil like this one? It is used on small Honda motorcycle engines and are easy to find on ebay. I would imagine it is tailored for CDI use, and it may not work well with basic points/condenser driving it? It has a 1.2 ohm primary and a 2K ohm secondary. A more standard...
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    Scotty's Tiny Inline 4

    I started making some of the parts for this engine a little while back, and since my Webster is now running, I figured I'd keep going on this one and build a base for the project. The base for this and the Webster are basically the same size and they will look nice sitting next to each other...
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    Hello from Fargo

    I've been lurking around here for a bit, but I don't think I did an introduction. I pickup up a HF mini lathe >10 years ago and have access to a bridgeport at work and I learned the basics. I just picked up a HF 33686 mill for a price that I had no choice but to buy it. I have been messing...
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    Scotty's Webster

    So I finally have some progress on my Webster so I thought I'd start a post to keep me motivated. I built a few basic steamers and a NGEZ maybe 10 years ago with "OK" results and have had the Webster 4 stroke in mind for quite a while. The kids are older and I have since gained more milling...