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    TIM-6 ignition > Arduino

    I have an electronics problem I could do with some help with. I would like to take a tachometer interrupt signal from a Jerry Howell's TIM-6 kit for an Arduino Uno based engine management system and display. Initially, I thought I could simply parallel the LED on pins 4 & 5, but now a...
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    Small Drill Honing Tool

    Wanting accurate holes for the Seagull engine cylinder heads, I recently finished a DAG Brown pattern 4-facet drill sharpening jig. It takes drills 3/32" down. Cutting the 1/64" wide slits in the 5/32" diameter silver steel (drill rod) collets was pretty tricky. I had to make a jig to guide the...
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    Drilling jig

    I am making a drilling jig to accurately locate the 6BA cylinder head studs, 8 per pot. The jig will be used for the cylinders, heads, and head water jacket covers. The cylinder is tapped and the other two parts have clearance holes. Now, there seem to be two options: do I put tapping size holes...
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    Désaxé definitions

    Checking the timing diagrams for my Westbury Seagull engine it seems ETW did not take into account the fact that this is a désaxé (desaxe, if the e-acutes does not come out on your screen) design. Is Top Dead Centre when the crankpin is at the top or when the piston is at its highest point...
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    Washers or not?

    The ET Westbury "Seagull" I am building loosely represents a small river-launch engine from, say, the 1930's. Although the great majority of the original castings would have been iron, the model castings are aluminium alloy. Also the original would have been painted, but I am not going to do so...
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    Stuart Turner

    From the ST web site: "Stuart Models are pleased to announce that they will be returning to the mainland in July 2012. The company has be brought by BRIDPORT FOUNDRY,who also back in 2006 brought the Plastow traction engine range. The new owners will soon have all the Stuart range available and...
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    Hi. I am new round here, though I have been lurking for a short while. I have just put an introductory post at: Building Them > Engines From Castings
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    Westbury 'Seagull'

    Hello people. This is my first post in this neck of the woods. I live in the UK, West Midlands area. I have been doing model engineering for many years, but am currently tackling my first petrol engine. It's a Westbury designed 10cc twin side-valve job, castings from Hemingway Kits 1. You can...