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  1. jgarrett

    #17 Pumper help needed

    Elmer's #17 Pumper engine Before I put this project on the shelf I figure I will swallow my pride and ask for help!! I am unable to get it to run on both cylinders. I can get it to run on one at a time with no problem, but no such luck with both. I have adjusted the valves so that each cylinder...
  2. jgarrett

    #41 Factory engine help

    I am building the #41 factory engine and am having trouble machining a part. The crank is giving me fits!!! I am not very good at reading blueprints. I can do the outside radius on the top OK but cannot seem to get the inside radius on the sides down. What is the 1-1/4" radius pivot point?? If...
  3. jgarrett

    Cast flywheels

    What is a good source for 3" cast flywheels??? Prefer cast iron or bronze. I have been making then from a piece of 3" rod I had but am running out. Thanks, Julian
  4. jgarrett

    Lathe bit choice help

    Hello, I am needing to cut a recess on the inside of a piece of 3" steel for a flywheel. I will be going about 1/4" deep. I have tried a couple of boring bits and all it does is chatter. There will be a uncut hub in the center. What type of bit is best to accomplish this??? Julian
  5. jgarrett

    CNC advice please

    Hello, I want to build a stepper motor to control a single axis on a small milling machine. I would like to be able to vary direction and speed from a "box" without having to use a PC. Is this doable?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Julian
  6. jgarrett

    Vise ID help

    This vise came with my 8520 I just purchased. Has no mfg,or brand markings anywhere. Any one out there familiar with this vise??? It has about a 4" wide jaw. Thanks, Julian
  7. jgarrett

    Question for ENCO 7x12 band saw owners

    Greetings, I have a ENCO bandsaw that the vice acme screw is slipping. It seems to be missing whatever goes in the hole under the flat spring on the acme nut...can someone tell me what goes in this hole??? Thanks, Julian
  8. jgarrett

    Packing questions

    Hope this is the proper Forum for this.. Could someone tell me a source for packing??? I see mentioned Graphite yarn...where can it be bought??/ (in the US) What alternatives are there?? It is for a #17 Pumper Thanks, 'Julian
  9. jgarrett

    Height gauge questions

    I acquired a Starrett #454 height gauge. I have not been able to find a manual or instructions for it online. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to "0" it, the only adjustment is for the vernier.If someone has one or is familiar with the 454 could steer me in the right direction it would...
  10. jgarrett

    Tap advice

    I am trying to tap multiple 1/4"-20 holes in a piece of 1/2" mild steel. I am using a #7 pilot drill and a 4 flute taper tap. I have broken 3 so far. I am unable to go more than 1/4 of a turn at a time. I have tried cutting oils and even the next size larger bit.. Would a spiral flute tap be any...
  11. jgarrett

    Mill purchase advice

    I am wanting to upgrade to a Bridgeport mill. I have a HF mill/drill now. I want it for home shop/hobby use. There are so many models out there I have no idea which one would be best. Is there a comparison list on Bridgeport mills out there anywhere. I would like something with an 8" or 9"...
  12. jgarrett

    Tool ID help please

    I picked these up at a tool sale a while back and have no idea what they are used for. Hope pictures show enough to identify. Cheers, Julian
  13. jgarrett

    Unable to make predictable cuts

    I have an EMCO Maximat V10-P that I have had for several years. I really have never had a need to make precision cuts until now. In the past I have just "snuck' up on my final size. I decided its time to learn to make predictable cuts. I am using a Phase 2 QCTP with a indexable bit on 6061...
  14. jgarrett

    Need to drill a long hole..

    I need to drill a 1/8" hole in the center of a piece of 1" x 8" aluminum. It has to be centered within a few thou. How do I keep it from wandering or not drill true after I get it started??? I will be using my Emco V10P lathe. I have a 1/8" x 12" "aircraft" drill bit. I may need to drill one 24"...
  15. jgarrett

    Tool ID help

    I am guessing some sort of hold down fixture similar to 1-2-3 blocks but would like to know for sure. They are about 6" long. Thanks, Julian
  16. jgarrett

    ENCO shipping code???

    Do ENCO free $50+ shipping codes still exist?? MOD. If this is the wrong area please move to correct one!! Thanks, Julian
  17. jgarrett

    Elmer's #17 Pumping Engine

    I am looking for my next project and am thinking about Elmer's #17 Pumping Engine. Did a search and found no hits on the forum. Has anyone built one??? Or know someone that has?? Would like to hear pros and cons of engine build. Thanks, Julian
  18. jgarrett

    Atlas/Craftsman 6" lathe 214 series gear chart

    Tired eyes find it impossibe to read the gear chart on the spindle cover so I scanned and enlarged the chart for those who have tired eyes like me. I printed a copy a hung it above the lathe. Hope it helps. Julian
  19. jgarrett

    My build of Elmer's #1 Beam Engine

    The purpose of this build write up is to help any beginners who would like to build this engine and are new to the hobby as I am. I am sure that the pros would have done a lot of the steps much better than I did and I hope they chime in and offer tips for the next builder. I did it the way I...
  20. jgarrett

    Craftsman 6" lathe help needed

    I recently purchased a Craftsman 6" lathe Model 101.21400 and the tool post rocker is missing. If someone could post the dimensions of theirs it would be greatly appreciated. It would save me lot of time fabricating one. Thanks, Julian