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    Looking for Ron colonna offy plans

    Add me to your list ozzieii@msn.com
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    Bazmak-A Model Horizontal Shaper

    Thanks Nelson, but what I'm asking for is the 3D model that Brian made in order to make the drawings. We have seen the model in his posts, but I don't think he has posted a link to download the 3D model.
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    Bazmak-A Model Horizontal Shaper

    Just read the entire post; very neat project! Brian, any chance of getting your digital model? Any of the popular formats would be good. Thanks, Ozzie
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    Making and using a Shellac Chuck.

    By using a hot glue gun, or super glue you can eliminate the first heating process. I see that some are using masking tape on both the chuck and workpiece and then super gluing together. It holds good and makes cleanup easy. The process can be used on both lathe and mill.
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    Sketch? You're doing a lot more than sketching to do that machining I think.
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    Cad cam alternatives

    I don't think I agree with those saying you should learn a 2D cad program first. That's like learning vacuum tubes to go to transistor, no need. Pick a sophisticated 3D program that you can afford and just be determined to learn it. My money right now is on Fusion 360. I read today that there...
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    Twin Cylinder Build

    there's beauty under the ugly
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    Building of TINY INLINE 4 in Brazil

    I don't understand the language, but it appears to be running on fumes?
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    New cnc Lathe build.

    You are well into your own design, but just for the future, buying from Alibaba shipping would be from Shanghi, not U.S.
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    Gear cutting from scratch

    Try this site: http://www.helicron.net/workshop/gearcutting/involute-gears/ and this too http://www.gear2motion.com Ozzie
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    Making a D1 4 Chuck reciever for a rotary table.

    Hi DeerGuy, I hope this thread hasn't gone dead. I'd love to get a set of the plans for the D1-4 reciever. That will be so much better than taking mine apart to dope out a set of plans. I've got a fairly new 14-40 lathe that I've converted to CNC. I plan to make D1-4 ER 40, ER 25, c-5, closers...
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    Holme Made Tool and Cutter Grinder - Courtesy Harold Hall

    I know this topic has been quiet, but I thought I'd pop in with an idea I've used regarding grinding wheel guards. Decide what diameter you want, then go to goodwill or Target, etc. find a cheap pot the needed diameter and depth and there you have a starting point. Cut away the unneeded parts...
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    Maryak 10

    Cool Bob, Thanks, Ozzie
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    Maryak 10

    Hello Bob, Wandering through the files here at HMEM, and found this magnificent work. I mean your work in both the build and your descriptions, and I need to add, the pictures. I downloaded all of your PDF's and read all 30 pages of this set of posts. I have a couple questions about lapping, and...
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    Bore Measuring

    Beautiful Britnell. I assume you broached the internal keyway??? Ozzie