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    A little more retail therapy

    Nice camera John. We bought a Fuji bridge last year after my little Sanyo packed in. It's quite a bit lower spec than yours but still takes nice photos - which would be a whole lot better if either of us knew what we were doing with it. My motto: If you can't take shots - take lots!
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    I stole a lathe!!!

    Nice score. I bet it will clean up just great.
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    ID this Stirling?

    Great - thank you! I will pass it along.
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    ID this Stirling?

    A guy at work brought this in today, and asked if I knew anything about it. It was built by his late father possibly from a design in a magazine/publication. All I could tell him was it was a stirling, and that the flywheel and one conrod was missing. He has gone home to look for those tonight...
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    No offence Brian - I was only YANKing yer chain :D
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    Drilling Concrete

    That would be best. A Hilti TE35-upwards will make easy work of it. I use a TE80 whaich will drill a 2" hole at a push.
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    That won't endear you to many of us Brit's, Brian :)
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    Drilling Concrete

    There are no 'hard spots' or 'soft pockets' in concrete that you have to worry about for your 3/4" holes. How well your job goes will depend upon the drill speed and hit rate of your drill as well as the striking force, if you have a light drill which hits so fast it sounds like a missed gear...
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    My condolences John. Keep your friends close at this trying time. Pete.
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    Lathe Tool Nose Radius?

    You can get small diameter rotary stones with extremely fine grit diamond in them for polishng stone and granite. I bought one just to see how it would work and found that it was excellent for putting a small radius on HSS tooling because it cuts such a tiny amount. A bench grinder cuts too fast...
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    Tool dig in. Part, slide and moral totally shattered.

    There's been a lot of heat generated in this thread and some sign of pack-mentality too. I thought better of this place. Parting with a center isn't the most dangerous thing you can do in your workshop, the OP managed to make quite a wreck without using one, that piece of brass could make quite...
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    Another Reason to buy or make a diamond tool holder

    I made a couple of tangential tools by brazing a stub of stellite onto a steel shank which was milled at an angle on the end to receive it. They work fantastically well. I've just about worn one out and the other I gave away but I'm making a few more shortly.
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    Metric / Imperial conversions

    I go up to the next available size drill I have, be it a metric or imperial size. Often you don't need, or want the exact tapping size anyway.
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    Engine bore size versus piston ring size etc.

    Never heard of it either. How can you make a bore to suit a ring? That's like going for new tyres and being told you should have bought a car with bigger wheels.
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    Metric / Imperial conversions

    I can't convert the fractions to decimals in my head - but I know the 1/8th sizes by learning them rote, anything more than that and I grab a calculator. I just bought a couple of hundred imperial taper-shank drills, but I do all my work in metric. Do I care? Nope - I just measure them with a...
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    Can anybody identify ?

    Cetainly looks like a Mills I once owned about 20 yeas ago. Mine was quite old then. Can't imagine what you're going to have to do to get the head off and contra piston out.
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    Concrete counter tops??

    A great improvement! It's true that concrete composition is quite critical for structural building purposes, but too many people over-complicate it for this kind of application. All you essentially require is a solid block to fix your machine to - doesn't even need to support it's own mass if...
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    If anyone needs to borrow this tool....

    Aah, but if you break it down further the numerator and denominator numbers of those fractions - they are decimals, which uses the same base as the metric system. I don't mind the fractions, what gets me is the tap sizes like 10-32 where the number 10 is simply used designate the screw size...
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    If anyone needs to borrow this tool....

    I learned it way before college - mother nature outfitted me with the standard number of fingers.
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    No, I meant from a point of view of a vaccum forming as the bottle cooled. Welders have problems welding the last bit of sealed containers sometimes, I was wondering if the same would happen in reverse, so to speak.
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