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    Gas Jets

    Where, hopefully in the US, can I purchase number 8 gas jets? I am building a boiler to Sandy Campbells design which calls for Number 8 gas jet. Spent last half hour trying to find them on the internet with no luck.
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    Wanted: Cole's American La France Fire Engine Castings/Drawings

    Looking for drawings and castings for Cole's American La France Fire Engine. Do you have one you never started or have partly machined if so let me know what you have and how much you want?
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    Scale Hardware

    Who in the U.S. has a good supply of scale hardware (nuts, bolts & flat washers)? Been spending more time then I like machining my own scale flat washers and nuts. Got some scale nuts from Micro Fastners and the price was good and quality very good. But they do not have scale flat washers...
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    Wanted American LaFrance Plans

    Looking for a set of plans and or castings for Cole's American LaFrance Steam Fire Pumper. MUST BE ORIGINAL NOT A PLAGIARIZED COPY OF PLANS. Maybe you started to build one and your plans change and now their just gathering dust on you shelf. Will pay cash or have machinist tools, end mills and...
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    Help with parts for "Bouncing 2 Stroke"

    I want to build Jan Ridders BOUNCING 2 Stroke which can be seen here http://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/f43/bouncing-2-stroke-model-engine-19568/ Problem is finding the high quality glass syringe called for in the plans. It calls for a "Fortuna Optima" 20 ml glass syringe with glass tip...
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    Finding cutters for a face mill

    I have a R-8 shank face mill. It's the type that uses brazed carbide tipped cutters. The cutters have a 1/2" square steel shank with a hole in it to attach the cutters. I have looked at the Enco and on line and can't find any replacement cutters. Where can I get them?
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    Rockwell Mill

    Don't no anything about it or the sell but will not last long at this price. http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/tls/2836130650.html
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    Source for Nitrile or Viton Balls

    Looking for a source, in the U.S., for a few 1/8" and 5/32 nitrile or viton balls. Have found suppliers that sell them by the 100 pack but would never used that many.
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    Need Magnifiers?

    I have seen several post regarding getting magnifiers and which ones are the best. I think we are looking at this problem from the wrong direction - maybe this is the way to go: http://www.enginads.com/classifieds/showproduct.php/product/61152/cat/all
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    Holiday Wishes

    To one and all the best wishes for the Holiday Season. This Board is made up by a great group of members and I always enjoy seeing what advise is being given and what projects are being worked on or completed. May you all have a wonderful New Year!
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    Time to think smaller

    Check out the "World's Smallest Steam Engine" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-16147965
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    Logan Lathe on Portland Craigs list

    I have no connection with this sale but wanted to pass it on to those looking for a lathe. http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/tls/2704487517.html
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    Why do designers do it?

    Please note I am not picking on this particular designer because I have seen others do the same thing. What's with the dimensions/sizes some of them put on their designs? Been working on a water pump that is part of a Sterling Engine. It suggest the pump body be reamed and gives the final...
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    Copper or Steel for Displacer Cylinder?

    I am building the 1/4 inch scale Rider-Ericsson Hot Air Pump Engine from Myers Model Engine Works. Myers supplied a piece of 2" steel tube for the displacer Cylinder however in the book STEAM & STIRLING by Fitt they talk about using a piece of 2" copper tube for making the displacer cylinder...
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    tool steel for boring bar

    I have run out of stock for grinding new cutters for several boring bars I have. The stock is triangle shaped and .100 across the flats. Any idea where to purchase some?
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    Model Engine Supplies

    Where in the U.S. or Canada can I get supplies/materials for model engines? Looking for a 3/4" pressure gauge at this time but would like to find a dependable supplier. Ordered a gauge and a book from a supplier in Texas six months ago. After many phone calls and request to let me know when...
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    Scanning B & W negatives

    Looking for a flatbed type scanner that can scan B&W negatives. One of the problems is the size of some of the negatives, they are 2.5" by 3". Would like to be able to change the negative to a positive and store on a CD. I have over 1000 negatives and don't want to send them out to be copied...
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    Ordering Parts?

    Been trying to order some supplies from Sulphur Springs Steam Models for over a week with no luck. Have sent emails left phone messages and heard nothing. Are they still in business? Is there any other US supplier with the range of supplies Sulphur Springs or Coles has?
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    Burner Orifice

    Needing to make some orifices for the burner on a new boiler build was worried about having to drill the orifice. The smallest drill I had was .012 and wanted smaller then that. A friend suggested Misting Nozzles so looked then up and found these http://www.mistcooling.com/nozzles1224.htm the...
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    BSF thread to UNF

    I have been going through search on this site and doing web search and can't find info on finding close matches on these two thread sizes, M5x0.5 and M6x0.75, what is the close fine thread size that matches them. Does anyone have a chart that has this and other sizes? I did find some cross over...