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    Info on holt build

    I have searched around and cannot find a build log on one of these. Is there any? It is a casting from Coles which I have read that there is crankcase difficulties but cannot find anything past that. Can someone help me out ? Chris
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    Casting info

    I am trying to find any info on a LT special engine casting. Anyone got any info? Chris
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    D&M computing lathe,mill

    Just wondering would anyone know anything about these cnc's? I may be aquiring a lathe and mill,(what would they be worth?) thanks chris
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    shows in canada

    is there any shows in ontario or relitavely clost to ontario ?
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    Cnc spindle ( high speed)

    I have a homebuilt cnc mill and now looking for a high speed spindle any suggestions?
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    stainless cylinder question

    so I have made some stainless cylinders for an ic engine, now what piston material should I use? I would like to go without rings if possible. Any opinions? Chris
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    coolant and cnc

    is it ok for the coolant to get on the sepper motors? how do you keep it off? chris
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    got me some drills..any ideas

    I was given some drills to use or sell today. They are churchill comet high speed taper shank twist drills, ranging from small #2 shank to these great big 2 inch #4 shank. First off I cant seem to find any info to see what they are worth (they are still brand new with the protective coating on...
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    setting backlash in mach 3,solidcam

    ok so my homemade cnc has some backlash in it, in mach3 there is a setting witch I have figured out no problem. My issue it when I gcode a part in solidcam and import it into mach it does not compensate for this backlash,even though it is set in mach. so is there a setting in solidcam where I...
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    new cnc conversion giving me grief

    Ok so I converted my desktop mill to cnc using a hobby cnc kit, This is my second cnc machine, but for some reason I just cant get the steppers to calibrate. I am using mach3, when calibrating I tell it to meve say 1 inch it moves say 10, so it calibrates itself. I try again and move 1 in it...
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    look what I found

    I got this from an old fellow in my rc club, I dont know much about it but it works, and the pices are there. Anyone know anything about these?(what are they worth) I think that it will be usefull for the small pices. thanks for looking
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    anyone interested in a radial team buid

    Wondering if there would be anyone interested in a 3 or 5 cylinder radial engine, was thinking maybe an air powered one. Anyone interested?? chris
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    buying tools

    Where do all you canadians buy your tools and bits?
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    silver soldering question

    OK this may not be the right spot for this but here goes, I would like to know how hot does it take to come apart when silver soldered? I would like to make a small tuned pipe for a internal combustion engine, the material will be quite thin so there will not be much pressure but there will be a...
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    question on boaring

    When useing a boaring head and bar, is it better to use the mill or the lathe?? And should I be ueing a fast speed or slow? I am using aluminum right now but will also be using cast. thanks chris
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    where to buy tool

    I am going to have to cut some gears eventually,so what tooling do I need to buy and where to get it (preferbly in canada) I know I will need a rotary table right? what size and do I need the indexing plates? thanks chris
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    hi from ontario

    so here i am looking for people in hamilton ontario to chat over coffee and show off thier projects. anyone around here?? chris
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    the beginnings of a v8(the crankshaft)

    well I have decided to try to build a v8, I have started with the crank. Its a one piece that has taken me 24 hours so far. I am useing a lathe mill combo machine. This is the first attempt to building an engine for me.