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    Atlas/Craftsman 12x36 Lathe on Craigslist

    There is an Atlas/Craftsman 12x36 lathe listed on Saturday's Craigslist in Fort Collins, CO. It has a six jaw Bison self-centering chuck, four jaw chuck, Collets and closer, 2 hp 220v motor, new variable speed drive. It is listed at $850.00. The phone number is 720-382-0190. I know nothing more...
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    Tool dealer in Northern Colorado

    I am in the market for a small mill. Is there a dealer on the front range of Colorado between Colorado Springs and Fort Collins where I can look at and feel a machine? I don't have room for a Bridgeport or similar. Thanks, Jack
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    Mill in Northern Colorado

    I think that it is time for the addition of a mill to my shop. Because of space limitations, I am interested in one of the small ones that you guys are always talking about modifying and using. The local HF does not stock any machines. Is there a distributor in northern Colorado where I can...
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    Stirling type engine plans

    Within the past six months I remember reading about a Stirling type engine that used a test tube for the cylinder with a piece of stainless steel wool inside. The piston was made of graphite. A candle was placed under the cylinder as a heat source. I have gone through all of the back issues of...
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    PM Research Oscillating Steam Engine Kit

    I bought this kit a few months ago before I found a local source for materials. The castings are some version of aluminum and the rest of the kit is made up of brass and steel. Here is the kit and contents. Something that I did not expect was the need for taps and dies in sizes that are not...
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    Logan Lathe on Craigslist

    Today there is a Logan Model 200 lathe with change gears listed. The listing number is 1635574089. The asking price is $750.00 and the phone number is 970-581-4009. It is located in Fort Collins CO, about sixty miles north of Denver. I do not know anything else about this listing. Jack
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    River Queen Open Column Launch Engine Video

    Thanks for your comments on this project. To answer a couple of questions, I didn't thread the pipe. Instead I put a slight chamfer on the end and put a drop of Locktite on it before I inserted it into the hole. The valve is located in the center bearing assembly and consists of two 1/16" square...
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    River Queen Open Column Launch Engine

    I just completed this engine and it runs! It is built from plans that were published by the Edelstaal Technical Institute in 1972. I downloaded them quite a while ago but I don't remember the source. Based on the information in the booklet that came with them, this was a kit that was marketed to...
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    Jet 9x20 lathe on craigslist

    Last night a Jet lathe showed up on craigslist. Based on the photo, it is a stock number 321376 9x20. He is asking $500.00. There is no description of what tooling is included. It is located in Fort Collins CO about sixty miles North of Denver. The craigslist id is 1616753858. The contact phone...
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    Unimat SL 1000 Lathe/Mill on Craigslist

    Today a Unimat SL 1000 Lathe/Mill with accessories was listed on Craigslist in Fort Collins, CO. The asking price is $600.00 and the phone number is 970-493-2662. The Craigslist ID number is 1594695113. Fort Collins is sixty miles north of Denver. I do not know anything else about the tool.
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    Collett adapter for 3in1 machine

    Attached are photos of an adapter that I made so that I could utilize a collett set on my Smithy three in one machine. The spindle is a MT4 and the collett set is MT3. I cut a piece of 12-1.25 all-thread 0.625 inches long and then bored and threaded a hole 0.375 inches deep for a 6-32 thread...
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    Logan & South Bend Lathes on Craigslist

    These were posted on Craigslist this evening: Logan 10inch machinist lathe w/threading gearsets $750 obo ID #1562846808 South Bend 16x48 3 phase $1950 w/tooling, $900 lathe only ID #1562434187 These are located in the Fort Collins, CO area, sixty miles north of Denver. I know nothing more...
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    Burke mill on craigslist

    A Burke mill with vise and a set of R-8 collets was listed on craigslist tonight. It is located in Greeley, CO 50 miles NNE of Denver. The phone number listed is 714-465-6471. I know nothng more about the machine. Jack
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    LeBlond lathe for sale

    In today's Craigslist there is a LeBlond lathe with three chucks and a small amount of tooling offered for $400.00. The phone number is 970-302-6378. Based on the area code, it is located north of Denver.
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    E-Z Build Project

    The E-Z Build engine was the first project that I completed on my Smithy 3 in 1 machine. After I downloaded the plans, I went over to the local scrap yard to see what I could find in their bins. I came home with three pieces of aluminum, one 1/4 x 3 x 23, one 3/4 x 1 x 13, and one 5 x 3/4 disc...
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    E-Z Engine Build

    This is a my version of the E-Z Engine that I built from the plans that I downloaded from this website. I modified the plans somewhat to accommodate the materials that I had on hand. It is the first project that I have completed since picking up a Smithy three in one machine at an estate sale a...
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    Address wanted

    On August 23rd I ordered and paid for two sets of plans from Phyllis Reichart. To date I have not received them. I don't have any contact information. Does anyone have that information? Thanks, Jack Hilderbrant