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    Sheraton 9A Headstock Lapping

    The Sheraton 9A is close cousin of a Southbend 9A, and a close copy of the Hercus 9A both built in Australia. My 9A #1167 was purchased in 2007 and operated successfully for a couple of years. I read all the books and diligently kept a good supply of oil up to the headstock bearings. I taught...
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    Cast Iron - Thin Sleeve Insert

    I have a Spanish tool grinder, Premeta SL, a reasonable copy of a Deckel SO D-bit grinder. The general condition is OK, but the sliding clamp fitting to the main horizontal shaft (Main Axle) is excessively worn. A proposed correction requires boring out the original casting and fitting a...
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    Swarf Catching

    The job was several height adjusters for Dickson tool holders destined for a Harrison M250. 25 mm bright bar on a Colchester Bantam with HSS producing a long curl of swarf. I was watching the build-up of swarf below the bed and slowly filling the bed between the ways. I thought "must stop and...
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    Stain on Mill Table

    Hi, I have a stain on my mill table with a thin line following exactly the outline shape of the milling vice that had been clamped there. Small vertical mill, FB2 clone. Interposing bedding sheet of paper that had been discarded from my wife's volunteer activity printing. Standard (cheap) A4...
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    Small Boring Head Leadscrew Pitch

    Hi, I have just purchased a small boring head from a prominent UK retailer. It was supplied as a metric 40 mm unit with a MT2 arbor. The adjustment leadscrew thread is 34 TPI (yes, 34) with a rotary scale of 50 divisions. The pitch is definitely less than 0.75 mm. This makes one scale rotation...
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    Centering With Low Tailstock

    Hi, My lathe has a significantly low tailstock, perhaps 0.15 mm close to the spindle with minimum tailstock extension. I intend to correct it 'one day', but in the interim I would like to progress a few jobs requiring centres (like 5 inch gauge axles). It seems to me that the orientation of...
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    South Bend Class Lathe Spindle Bearing

    Hi, First post by a new member. I have (in Sydney Australia) a close relative of a South Bend 9A lathe with bad bearings in the spindle. It is a Sheraton, made in Melbourne, with spindle running in the cast iron housing. Housing is single bolt closure onto a solid aluminium shim. Spindle not...