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    WOW I'm Impressed!

    Thanks everyone! I have a large shop with big machines & plenty of room but am working on a small shop in the house as I have an 8x24 enclosed porch with a concrete floor bext to an 12x14 unused room. I'm getting into gunwork & plan on a small table J head Bridgeport & an 11" Logan lathe with a...
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    WOW I'm Impressed!

    I haven't been on here much but got an e-mail today & just found this thread & have to say It's just what I need. I broke my back 6 years ago, losing my mobility kind of caught in the middle, can't lift or reach low & can stand/walk under 45 minutes a day but am setting up a shop, have all the...
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    Ford Quadricycle

    And remember it was built in a Home Shop, amazing!
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    Ford Quadricycle

    When my sons were small my youngest got to drive it out of the garage at GFV, it was great!
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    New (Grizzly) South Bend lathe - $1000 discount

    I have a very nice Wabeco D6000E I'd sell for that & it sells for $7k from MDA.
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    Metal Working Index Index - Popular Mechanics and Popular Science

    Looks like the thread is 4 years old. It would be useful.
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