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    First time designing sterling engine Looking for advice

    Having restored the full sized Ericsson sterling and built a Denny model, you may want to try using a buna or better viton cup seal on the bottom of the power piston to compensate for a larger (sloppier) piston fit . On the larger Ericsson, it uses a leather cup seal which inflates during the...
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    Witte headless model, 2” bore, piston dimensions needed

    So my friend dropped off the Witte model and I was able to get some measurements. Originally the head space was a tad over 1/2” and the stock piston was about 2.8” long. So according to my calcs, the CR was near 5:1 ! I was able to make a 2” long piston and cut down to two rings. The head space...
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    Coil winder

    If your pulling vacuum on a glass container, you may want to consider wrapping a grid of electrical tape on it as a precaution against implosion. You can still leave some spots open to see what is going on...only takes a scratch to initiate a failure and ruin your day.
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    Witte headless model, 2” bore, piston dimensions needed

    Plan was to see how high up the piston I could move the wrist pin.
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    Witte headless model, 2” bore, piston dimensions needed

    I’m helping a friend with a headless Witte model. Has way too much compression and I’m looking to get the dimensions or a snippet of the drawing of the piston to see how to modify it to reduce the CR. Apparently pistons/kits for this were sold by DeBolt but I don’t see it on his current web...
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    Air Compressor for mist system?

    That’s a great idea Lofty. Never thought about that...and they’re free for the taking at the bone yard. Do you run it with the oil that is in it and does it get depleted through the air stream? Thanks for the tip.
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    Air Compressor for mist system?

    After countless trial runs machining foam and wood, I’m getting ready to make some aluminum chips. I have a mist system head and don’t want to use the very loud standard shop compressor. Has anyone tried using one of the larger aquarium pumps sold on eBay with the electromagnetically driven...
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    Portable Bandsaw Horizontal/Vertical Stand

    Here’s another option for the HF bandsaw but with a yellow saw. I have the base clamped to my bench and the larger surface is good for cutting larger stock. I added a foot switch both for safety and convenience. I’ve gone through several blades. The Starretts were problematic breaking at the...
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    Techno-Isel 90s boards, electronics and spares

    I have a complete set of boards for a 90s vintage Isel 4 axis PCMAC100 system with some cabling. Im upgrading this system to a modern system but want to see if anyone has an older unit who may need them. Looking for trades. You need these, offer something in return. PM me if interested.
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    1/3 scale Myrick Eclipse casting kit

    Gray iron kit of castings to build the Myrick Eclipse 1/3 scale engine. 2" bore x 2-1/4" stroke, hit and miss governing, hot tube ignition, 10.3" flywheels, bronze rod and propane fueled. Finished weight ~65 lbs. you source 16DP cam gears. No formal plans, but I have a set of my build sketches...
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    Site not friendly to safari on iPad

    Tried it again tonight turning off the private browsing mode but only accepting cookies from this site....better....but still one reload. Not nearly as sluggish. My connection is 50 Meg's download, 20 Meg's upload, so it's not a speed issue. Not a big deal since I dump cookies before and after...
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    Site not friendly to safari on iPad

    Used to post regularly to this site but lately is is miserable using safari or Mercury browser on an iPad. Constantly reloads and hangs up....what's up ? Does it not like my having private browsing/limited cookies?? Or is it the adverts trying to load? I'll check back from time to time....shame...
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    Cutting oil

    You might want to try Anchorlube. It is a water based stearate which looks like light green mayonnaise. I put it in a ketchup squirt bottle. It works great for tapping and turning. If the water evaporates, you can add more and thin it out. No smell either!
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    Rotating tailstock lathe chuck adapter

    Does anyone have any plans for making a rotating tailstock adapter to go from a morse taper to a small 4" 3-jaw chuck? I often get occasion where one would be a big help for turning tubing and hollow shapes where a bull nose is impractical. Trying to get an idea of what type of bearing to use as...
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    Brayton cycle engine beginnings

    Got disgusted with it and with the cold winter, I let this project sit for a few months. Tried another go at it today. I reduced the stroke of the fuel pump and reduced the pump plunger diameter from 3/16 to 1/8. Put some fuel to it and got some nice pops but no sustained running. Further...
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    Piston and Cylinder stock

    Some of the compressed air cylinders can be modified for air/steam use and are plentiful from surplus stores. For something larger and thicker, hydraulic cylinders may work . I used some 2.375" ID hydraulic cylinders on my Brayton. The bidirectional air cylinders may have lip seals or o rings...
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    Model of a Bessemer Hot Tube Oil Field Engine

    Nice build Chuck! I like how you attached the water jacket. Being a loop-scavenged engine you should have good purging of the spent fuel/air. These engines are finicky on the fuel to air ratio. I have the full sized version with a 7.5x12" bore and stroke and it refuse to run unless the mix is in...
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    Pacific Vapor Engine from Morrison & Marvin Castings

    Dave- those gas cocks are the cherry on the sundae ! The engine turned out stunning and I picked up a lot of helpful tips following the build. Your high standards are certainly something to try to emulate. Thanks for sharing its construction.
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    Save web page as PDF on iPad

    You can always save the individual pages by clicking the home and power buttons at the same time. This takes a screen shot and saves them to the photo library.
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    Brayton cycle engine beginnings

    If I put a separate spring to keep the intake valve closed at the end of the lever arm, I can then install a ramp to vary stroke. Once I do that, I'll disconnect the fuel line and watch how the juice is delivered. That clearing the charge is an important point and using porous disks ain't going...
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