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  1. Lofty76

    Air Compressor for mist system?

    Hi, if its any help, I use a compressor from a freezer, its almost silent in use, and delivers enough air for the mist head.
  2. Lofty76

    Where are you from?

    Added mine for you John.
  3. Lofty76

    It will not run.....

    Hi Jm, Difficult to see from a photo but it looks as if the slide valve is screwed directly to the valve rod, this would make it almost impossible for the valve to seat against the vlave face. Normally the valve is free to float and is held against the valve face by steam pressure, no matter...
  4. Lofty76

    Automatic Pressure Regulators?

    Hi Nat, Have you tried using a different (lighter) spring in the regulator? Regards Lofty
  5. Lofty76

    Proxxon CNC Mill and nccad9 software

    Thanks Kvom, Mach 3 works a treat, much obliged.
  6. Lofty76

    Proxxon CNC Mill and nccad9 software

    Many thanks for your reply. The program seems fine for standard engraving, I have worked out to input the machine limits / parameters, setting tool zero height etc, and then running a simple text program ( using a pencil in the machine collet on card clamped to the table), probably not the best...
  7. Lofty76

    Proxxon CNC Mill and nccad9 software

    Hello everybody, Recently, in an attempt to get up to date I purchased the above in order to learn some basic cnc programming.Unfortunately the nccad software is mostly in german and support from Max computers (the vendors) is not overly forthcoming. I want to try and learn to manufacture loco...
  8. Lofty76

    4 stroke carburetor selection

    Hi Jim, A Suffolk Punch / Colt carburettor will do the job you require, but you will again need to make an adapter for the manifold as the mounting angle of the bolts is at a different angle.
  9. Lofty76

    For sale?

    Good heavens, I join today and see a thread marked 'For Sale', ideal I thought, might be some interesting stuff to look at. Really didn't expect the thread content shown.
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