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    Hello from Ontario

    Another Colin here from Burlington Ontario, also a member of Hamilton Model engineering Club. Started model engineering close to 40 years ago and after a 30 plus year break just back into it recently. Have a Stuart V10 complete, a PM Research horizontal mill engine also complete and a ME...
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    Leaded steel

    McMaster does still ship to Canada, purchased some items this week, however, we are an established customer and have been for about 4 years. It must be a real pain to live in Australia when what is easily available in Europe and North America becomes almost a specialty item. We have this issue...
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    Elmer’s #5 Geared Engine . . . maybe

    I have been "tinkering" with a geared engine between working on my serious projects and came upon the same issue of ring gear. Part of the intent was to use as many parts as possible that were lying around in my shop so my solution is to use a timing belt glued inside a ring. The inner gear is...
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    Scrooge style Milling machine

    Perhaps you could post a link to your Ebay site.
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