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  1. Angie

    HomeModelEngineMachinist Decals -

    While Supporting Membership comes with 2 die-cut vinyl Home Model Engine Machinist Forum decals. You can purchase more here! We are selling them for only $9 for 3 decals, click the image above or link below to purchase. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE HMEM FORUM DECALS
  2. Angie

    Show off your HMEM stickers!

    Hi again, I'm anxious to see where you are putting the HMEM stickers! On a tool box, in the corner of a photo in your den? On the car bumper? Here is a photo of the actual sticker!
  3. Angie

    HMEM sticker!

    Good day to all We are in the process of having HMEM stickers made to send to all the annual and lifetime members. I would love your feedback on this sticker. Please let me know if you like it or if something needs changed.
  4. Angie

    HMEM will be having a software update later today

    Good afternoon. There is a software update happening today and it will take the forum off for approximately 2 hours. When we come back, clear your cookies for this forum and type in the forum name, and you should be able to log in and continue on as usual. If there are any issues, use the...
  5. Angie

    HMEM App - discontinued

    Due to concerns about security and privacy from the company that created the app we think it’s an absolute necessity to cease using it immediately.
  6. Angie

    How to Opt-out of seeing ads WHEN LOGGED IN.

    1. Log in 2. Go to the little man icon in the upper right corner of page. Click on that and User Control Panel opens. 3. Find Preferences, and click on it. 4. At bottom of that page, find the below and click on the settings you prefer. 5. Remember to Save Changes
  7. Angie

    Featured Build December 2019 - Lanz Tractor

    Lanz tractor as the next Featured Build. Lanz Tractor is being built by Tapsa The build thread is nice and has many images. Check it out HERE. Congratulations Tapsa! Also featured on Facebook HMEM page
  8. Angie

    Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

    Hi all, Hope all of you that celebrate Thanksgiving has a wonderful and tasty day. For those this does not apply to, sure hope you had a good Friday eve! And if you go Black Friday shopping, be safe.
  9. Angie

    Featured Build - November 2019

    We are featuring Single cylinder OHV - "Snöffy" It is a project by srobovak Please take time to click on the title/link above and check out the build. Offer your support.
  10. Angie

    Who do you suggest as the Project of the Month for September?

    I'm enlisting all of you to share a link and builder name to a September Project of the Month. I'll leave this open for suggestions until evening of Sept 16th. I will close the thread, and open a poll so we can vote on a new POM! Thanks for sharing your choices.
  11. Angie

    POLL READY FOR VOTES: Photo of the Month of June

    Please post your favorite photos of your projects. Please one photo per post so we will have a number to use when setting up voting poll. On June 21 late evening the entries will close. Then I'll put up a poll for voting on them. We will see if this is fun and brings many interesting...
  12. Angie

    Project of the Month - April 2019

    Congratulations gg89220 for being the builder of the Karl Benz Engine 1886 Here is the build thread: BUILD THREAD And this Karl Benz engine is feature on the HMEM Facebook Page.
  13. Angie

    Project of the Month - Feb thru March, 2019

    Congratulations rweber for building the Felgiebel Engine Click HERE for the build thread. Also featured as the cover photo on the HMEM Facebook Page
  14. Angie

    HMEM Deal Forum Rules

    This forum is for ORGANIC posting of deals you have found specific to Model Engine Machining This includes eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, industry and other deals. Do not post spam in here. Any user who abuses this forum by being a shill for a company and posting their deals over and over will be...
  15. Angie

    Project of the Month - December 2018

    Congratulations e.picler You have built the Tiny Inline 4 The build thread. Here The finished thread: Here Visit the HMEM Facebook page and congratulate him there, too.
  16. Angie

    Export Thread -

    There is a new add-on that is for Exporting Threads. How to use: While viewing a thread, click the Thread Tools and select Export Thread. Highlight any portion of the thread contents and copy to your clipboard. Bring up the application of your choice, for example an email program or an...
  17. Angie

    Project of the Month - November 2018

    Congratulations to bmac2 for creating the Elmer's No. 5 Geared Engine Here is the Build Thread and The Finished Project
  18. Angie

    Photobucket images.... revisited.

    A while back Photobucket made it where images in forums were not seen unless a good deal of $$ was paid by the owner of the images so they could share to a 3rd party. During this time I found out about a Chrome and Firefox extension that could be added that would allow seeing the images that...
  19. Angie

    Project of the Month - September 2018

    Congratulations! gg89220 You are the builder of the Steam Crane Here is the Build thread. A photo of it will be featured as the cover photo on the HMEM Facebook page.
  20. Angie

    HMEM transferred to XenForo. Questions and comments here.

    HI all tomorrow evening we are planning to transfer to XenForo software. It is similar to vB, but still a little different. I'll be around to help you get use to it and find where things are and if they are called a little differently. There should be no real down time, but after the...