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  1. Steve_Withnell

    Candle 1.1.17 - Windows 10 Issue

    Hi folks, I've not been around a while, but in my absence I've been busy and installed a Sieg KX1 driven by Mach3 running on a Dell XP3 machine. Works really well. Encouraged I then bought one of those little chinese engravers off Amazon, which comes with Candle as a CAM package / post...
  2. Steve_Withnell

    My Projects

    http://whittlev8.wordpress.com/ my attempt at the Whittle V8 (IC Engine), progress is slow. Hopefully certain! http://stevewithnell.wordpress.com/ (Stuart Victoria). Done and running, but still need to do the fencing and finish the base Bit of an experiment posting these links, I'll report...
  3. Steve_Withnell

    My Naked V8

    Just a few more bits to make...
  4. Steve_Withnell

    Progress on the Whittle V8

    http://whittlev8.wordpress.com/2011/08/17/a-bit-more-to-do-before-she-flies/ So far so good, a long way to go! Steve
  5. Steve_Withnell

    Sieg C6 Modifications

    Hi folks, Just wanted to see if anyone had dealt with the tailstock on the Sieg C6? I've done the standard improvement of re-machining the clamp bolt and plate, but yesterday just discovered how much the upper casting wanders about as it swivels around the pin that controls the set-off. I've...
  6. Steve_Withnell

    Whittle V8

    After finishing my Stuart Victoria, an old friend or 2 egged me on to have a crack at the Whittle V8... I'm blogging progress here - http://whittlev8.wordpress.com/ Progress is dreadfully slow :( The advice I was given was to make the crank first as it would be all downhill from there! Six...
  7. Steve_Withnell

    Stuart 504 Boiler Questions

    Hi Guys, wonder if anyone can help. I have managed to get my hands on a 504 boiler in decent condition. Two questions. The boiler arrived with the original white asbestos insulation panels - anyone know the name of a UK replacement material that meets current safety requirements? Needs to be...
  8. Steve_Withnell

    Stuart Twin Victoria

    Here you go guys - a nice video of the Twin Version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_KBXDNpxUY&feature=related Steve
  9. Steve_Withnell

    Stuart Victoria

    Finally, my version of the Stuart Victoria is pretty near close to finished. There has been a lot of interest for the HM forum so I thought I'd just drop a link to my blog: http://tinyurl.com/3xuc6mo I've literally only two or three trivial components to finish off then a fair bit of tweaking...
  10. Steve_Withnell

    Stuart Victoria - Progress with the Fly Ball Governor

    Quite a long time since I progressed the Stuart Victoria, over the weekend I've been able to crack and get the governor assembly completed. The whole build is documented at my blog: http://stevewithnell.wordpress.com/ That link will get you to the blog. Because it's a blog its very much last...
  11. Steve_Withnell

    Hello -

    Hi, Just joined this forum and kicked off with a post about my Stuart Victoria project - In the Stationary Engine Thread as per guidelines! The delivery of this forum is really great - well thought out and professionally delivered. Congratulations to those responsible. My interest is model...
  12. Steve_Withnell

    Stuart Victoria

    Not quite a plan, not quite a castings project, but maybe interesting, here is my part built Stuart Victoria. You will notice it's not quite the same as the stock model. The base model can be seen running on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=553i48WkJts But the vision and a lot of...