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  1. BaronJ

    Myford S7B Bearing

    Hi Guys, My Myford S7B counter shaft has started to rumble particularly at higher speeds. Does anyone know what bearings are needed to replace the ones on the counter shaft. While I'm at it I might as well replace the belt if anyone knows what size it is. The number on mine has completely...
  2. BaronJ

    My Table traverse for Chinese mill.

    Hi Guys, Since my Chinese mill does not have a motorised table traverse and I don,t fancy paying the rather exorbitant prices that are wanted for them I have looked at a lot of designs on the web and decided to have a go at building one. Also its a pain, in more ways than one, standing...
  3. BaronJ

    My Tool Grinder.

    Hi Guys, I started talking about making a tool grinder in another thread so I thought it would be better to start a new one rather than clutter up someone else's. I have been collecting various bits and pieces for a while now. But the other day I got to weld the motor mounting plate to the...
  4. BaronJ

    Goodies Acquisition !

    Hi Guys, I got given some interesting bits and pieces recently. Not shown, because I forgot to take photos, is the drive motors from this gearbox. When I remember where I've put them, I'll photograph them and post the pics.
  5. BaronJ

    Mill Tramming Tool.

    Hi Guys, As I mentioned I have done a drawing for this tool. There is nothing particular about the materials or the dimensions, however a certain amount of precision is required. In particular the squareness of the bar in relation to the spindle. Other than this I used material that I had...