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    Aircrete blocks for a forge?

    I call them 'Thermalite'. I lived in Hemel Hempstead where a version called 'Hemelite' was made. I now live in Cornwall and would like to build a small forge to melt aluminium. I can buy the correct block for doing this, but I would either have to send for them or collect them, 120 miles away in...
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    FreeCAD and my model

    Hi all, I hope to be starting my 1/3rd scale model of a 1930 Austin Seven engine soon...... Step 1. I am now fairly proficient at using the cad programme FreeCAD. It has annoyed the socks off me on dozens of occasions, but I couldn't stop using it even though I have a new copy of Solidworks, I...
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    Total amateur, but learning!

    Hi all, My name is Lee and I live in Illogan, Cornwall in the UK. I have decided that I need a new hobby. My old hobby was Austin Seven vintage cars. I have three. 2 1930 based A7 specials and a 1932 A7 saloon. I will be selling them sometime and will attempt to make a working model of a 1930 A7...