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  1. awake

    COVID supplies - .stl patterns

    Some of you live in places where the pandemic has largely been beaten back, so these files may not be of interest to you. Others of us are facing an ongoing challenge, so I am posting these files in case they will be of use. My wife asked me to work these up to replicate commercial products...
  2. awake

    The Modular Tower Engine - a new, experimental design

    With some fear and trepidation, I am introducing a model engine that I have designed, and which I am about half-way through building. The fear, of course, is that I have no idea yet if it will work! Below are some CAD mockups of what it will look like. The first three provide different angles on...
  3. awake

    3d printed box for gear cutters

    I have recently acquired two full sets of gear cutters, M1 and M0.8 ... and I needed a better way to store them. A bit of work in OpenSCAD, and voila: The M1 cutters are 50mm diameter and 4.2mm thick; the M0.8 cutters are 40mm diameter and 4mm thick. In case anyone else would like to make...
  4. awake

    Cam Calculations SOLVED! (But is there an easier way??)

    Actually, the answer to the question in my topic title is, yes, there is an easier way, and that's actually how I started down this road. Let's say you want to design a cam with curved flanks, and you have the following parameters: the radius (or diameter) of the base circle; the radius (or...
  5. awake

    Ignition Box

    Following the lead of Brian Rupnow and others, I decided to make an "ignition box" to hold a battery and automotive coil, with leads that can be hooked up run to an engine that has points and condensor ignition. What I came up with is a 3d printed box and lid: One side of the box has...
  6. awake

    Introducing ... the "Steel Webster"

    My very first IC engine (actually, first engine of any kind) - based on the Webster design, but modified to suit personal preferences and materials on hand. A major difference, as suggested by the title, is that it is made (almost) entirely of steel. The only exceptions are the piston (cast...
  7. awake

    Sizing carburetor for model engine

    I'm building a Webster - .875" bore, 1.25" stroke. I was thinking I would make a carburetor along the lines of the one designed by Chuck Fellows, but I'm seeing a couple of variations, one with a 1/8" through hole and one slightly larger at 5/32". I have no idea what size of carburetor is...
  8. awake

    Points gap for model engines?

    Another design question: For an older car with points et al., I believe the gap is usually set to .016" - .020". Is this the right range for a model engine?
  9. awake

    Valve design - which is stronger / better?

    I am working on a modified version of the Webster - hopefully I will do a write up and pictures soon. But for the moment, I am pondering a question. Due to only having low-quality 1mm drill bits on hand, I was having trouble drilling the hole through the stem as per the original Webster design...
  10. awake

    Shaft diameters and keyway sizes in model IC engines?

    In preparation for and hopes of my first IC model engine build, I have been drawing up some plans in CAD for how I might customize a Webster - customizing partly to suit materials on hand, partly to use ball bearings on the crankshaft, cam gear, and big end of the rod, and partly to use 20°...
  11. awake

    Choice of metals to use in building a model IC engine

    Newbie here, on the learning curve. My current questions are about selection of materials when making a bar-stock build. First, here is what I think I have gleaned from reading through a number of builds: Aluminum seems to be the material of choice for a large percentage of most bar-stock...