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  1. mayhugh1

    Can't see the photos in my Offy build thread

    Edit: problem solved with an ipad reboot. Sorry for the noise. Terry
  2. mayhugh1

    Bevel Gears

    When Small Parts went away (or was sucked up by Amazon) we lost an inexpensive and readily available source for small brass bevel gears. I came across these that look like interesting alternatives in lightly loaded applications such as when driving distributors. Available in 18 and 36 teeth...
  3. mayhugh1

    270 Offy

    Before deciding to build Ron Colonna's 270 Offy, I wanted to familiarize myself with the original full-size engine. I came across a link with a number of photos that describe the full-size assembly of a slightly later version of this engine...
  4. mayhugh1

    Terry's Knucklehead

    Finally finished ...
  5. mayhugh1

    Seem to have lost the new posts side bar

    Sometime during the last few days I've noticed that the 'new posts' side bar that came up when I visited the site is no longer showing up. I've search through the preferences in my account to see if something had changed, but nothing obvious. I do have the sidebar preference enabled, but I don't...
  6. mayhugh1

    Challenger Casting Set For Sale

    I have a set of castings for the Cole's Challenger that includes the full size drawings, a rare Supercharger option, piston rings, some (maybe all) bearings, seals, and points. Most of the castings are aluminum and bronze but the flywheel is cast iron. There is also a set of ratty looking cast...
  7. mayhugh1

    Another Knucklehead Build

    After completing the Quarter Scale Merlin, I took several months off to work on a number of projects that had piled up around the home and shop. High on my to-do list was assembling a number of backup XP computers while the parts were still readily available. I've had an ongoing concern that my...
  8. mayhugh1

    Terry Mayhugh's V-12 Merlin

    Here are a few photos of the finished build. - Terry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tOUQt5fem0
  9. mayhugh1

    Great New Book Now Available

    I recently received a newly published book "A Climax Class A Live Steam Locomotive" by Ed Hume. It describes the step-by-step construction of a Gauge 1 circa 1910 locomotive which is a hybrid of a Shay style upright with a Climax drivetrain. The level of construction detail is remarkable with...
  10. mayhugh1

    Video of John Ramm's Merlin Running!

    Here is the video of John's Merlin after some recent re-work. He just may have the record, from a very short list of running quarter scale Merlins, for the longest sustained run. - Terry https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KTPf3kZz9u0
  11. mayhugh1

    Some John Ramm Engines...

    Hi all, John asked me to post these pictures of some of the engines that he has finished. There's at least one lifetime of work in these marvelous and complex builds. Wright J5 V W Jemma Kenner Cirrus Hodgson Anzani GWR King 5 inch gauge Bentley Rotary You might remember that John has also...
  12. mayhugh1

    Help with Enco Lathe?

    I've evidently stripped the power feed gear in my Enco 2033 12x36 lathe, but I can't figure out how to disassemble the apron to replace it. I have the manual with a sketch of tbe internals but I just can't make heads nor tails of it. Can anyone help me get it apart? Thsnks Terry
  13. mayhugh1

    Quarter Scale Merlin V-12

    The Rolls Royce V-12 Merlin, was one of the best known, if not most influential, WWII aero engines. It was deployed in the British Spitfire and later replaced the Allison in the American P-51 Mustang. I recently purchased a set of quarter scale castings from a small San Diego start-up that...
  14. mayhugh1

    Another Radial - this time 18 Cylinders

    I was so happy with how my 9 cylinder radial turned out that I've decided to try my hand at an 18 cylinder twin. I came across a beautiful set of photos from another pair of builders that has inspired me to build something similar...
  15. mayhugh1

    Rare earth magnet problems

    I've spent the past few days on a problem that is driving me crazy. It has to do with my distributor and ignition for my Hodgson 9. When I built my Jerry Howell V-4, I built his distributor as his plans called out. The TIM ignition uses is a Hall effect Kettering-like ignition. The distributor...
  16. mayhugh1

    My Hodgson 9 Radial Final Assembly

    I started my Hodgson 9 build in Oct 2011 and have begun final assembly in March 2013. I was originally going to do a build thread, but when I started the project I wasn't yet fully committed to it, and I didn't want to publicly start something that I might not finish. After I did commit, I never...
  17. mayhugh1

    Walbro question for G Britnell

    Originally Posted by gbritnell Steve, I got my hands on a very tiny Walbro for my 302 engine. I contacted a couple of the members of the BAEM club and asked them how they used the Walbro carb and what if any modifications needed to be made to it. I was told to buy the lowest pressure electric...
  18. mayhugh1

    Rudy Kouhoupt 5 Cylinder Air Radial

    Here is a Youtube link to an air radial engine that I built three years ago. (I'm getting a kick out of this little Flip video camera that my wife gave me for Christmas although I'm supposed to be making videos of the grandchildren :)) It was my first model engine and I believe it was the last...
  19. mayhugh1

    My first IC engine project

    Here is a Youtube link showing one of the first runs of my very first IC engine. It is a Jerry Howell V-Twin with 1" dia bore and 1.25" stroke. The pistons, rings and cylinders are cast iron. The flywheel, and valves are stainless steel and the rest is aluminum except for the carbs which are...