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    Indexing on a Hercus/South bend Lathe

    Hi, My father has just acquired a new/old Hercus and we have been discussing indexing. I am familiar with the type of index arrangement used behind the chuck on a Myford and on a watchmakers lathe, but can anyone point to how you can set up a Hercus to index? I can make it for him if...
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    Lost pla casting II

    Hi, just found this. My son did this very successfully at school to make a tool for applying gold leaf to leather (book binding stuff). He did the initial pattern from CAD to printed ABS. A second print directly with wax. Outsourced the casting in brass paid by the gram and pretty quick turn...
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    ER32 Collet chuck, can I modify it?

    Hi, Has anyone found an Australian source for one of these flange mounted chucks? Would need to mount to an old Hercus lathe. Cheers Sent from my iPad using Model Engines
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    New here & flamelicker ?

    G'day DGoddard, (great alliteration) My source was our hardware chain, Bunnings, which I think is a bit like Walmart? The wicks were in the BBQ section and are designed for those outdoor kero lamps. Since my post, I have had a look at Jan's site, and note that the length of his wick is much...
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    New here & flamelicker ?

    Hi, Have just found a source of wicks that seems good. You can buy very cheaply fibreglass wicks for those garden lamps. They are about 1/2" thick. Simply cut a decent length off (scissors OK), split the mesh holding it all together pull a suitable bundle of fibres and stuff the wick tube...
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    Bird Feeder

    G'day all, I had downloaded some plans for a bird feeder fuel tank arrangement for spirit burning but have lost them. Can anyone point me please. thanks Dave
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    Australian source for gauge plate

    Well done, 3*50*500 can be done for around $50 delivered to Canberra. 'Interesting builds' has to be pretty high on the value scale to justify that, but suspect it will keep me off the streets for at least as long as the equivalent price for a meal out. Dave
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    Australian source for gauge plate

    Thanks Dave, Herzog do construction steels only, great source of that stuff because they have pretty helpful staff and keep a shorts bin at the end of each aisle. Stuff I am after if the plate version of silver steel - can get round stuff locally from M&G (also brass, bronze, HEDP, key steel...
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    Australian source for gauge plate

    G'day all, I would like to find a source for small quantities of gauge plate in Australia. Tried Blackwoods and they tell me they no longer deal in metal. Also tried the local (Canberra) suppliers of stuff and they have not been able to help. Can anyone point me at a reasonable source? having...
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    1/4 HP Vertical steam engine in "Metalworking" reprint by Lindsay

    Hi, must be having an obtuse day - can anyone tell me just how to view the book/download the PDF from Google? thanks Dave
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    3" multitube - my first

    HI, I agree, didn't even think of that during the initial design - just copied picture from somewhere. Easy to do I think, but am focussed on finishing the plumbing to attach an engine. Thanks for the feedback Dave
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    3" multitube - my first

    Well, here goes: QB weekend, the girls off on an Irish dancing expedition to Melbourne, waiting for paint to dry in the house. The boiler has been progressing very slowly as I thought about things and did bits and pieces, but this weekend it got its first firing. Here it is. its basically...
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    3" multitube - my first

    well, here goes with the update, lots of reasons for not being in the shed, including really good weather and a chance to walk with the kids - these are the twins (15) and the older brother at the first camp. the trip was 3 days out of Namadgi park. this old infantryman can just about keep up...
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    3" multitube - my first

    Hmm... I'm sure you all saw the engineer joke in Model Engineer about wives and mistresses. I have had little appreaciable shed time since starting this post in August, and no pictures this time. But.. Over the last month I have managed to solder up the boiler, complete most of the fittings...
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    Advice on Reaching out for employment

    Friend of mine trained as an instrument fitter, did 20 years and finished as a Squadron Leader with a desk job. When he retired he found a job as a fitter with the medical school at the ANU, and spent the next 20 years doing exacvtly what you aspire to - working with clever people to do...
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    3" multitube - my first

    My sources are the KN Harris book for the general design ideas and both of the copper codes. The miniature code is pretty explicit in saying that it should not be used as the sole source, but is very helpful for providing definitve positions on things like plate thickness and tube spacing. The...
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    3" multitube - my first

    After some pause (lots of Reserve time, trip to a band festival in Dubbo etc) Ive done a bit. First something to bash with: Then the usual forming: Drilling the plate: A test fit (Tube is not cut to length yet): Finished tubeplates out of the pickle tonight: I have made the bushes for the...
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    Trout Learns A Thing or Two

    Disclaimer: I have played both pipes in bands (and funerals) and trombone in jazz bands Driving home on leave from Townsville to Melbourne as a subbie I had a pipeband cassette on. I thought the drums were way out for a minute, and then realised that in fact I had done the water pump. ;D
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    For Zee & British Steam Loco Buffs

    Why do the English drink warm beer? They keep it in Lucas fridges (from an ex MGTF - 1954 owner)
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    3" multitube - my first

    Let me introduce myself. I have been lurking here for about a month reviewing the boiler builds and like a few things about the people. Not least is the large Australian population familiar with the AMBSC codes. I now have two stationary engines under my belt and have no formal training so have...
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