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  1. Makin chips

    Porsche 917 flat 12 engine

  2. Makin chips

    OS Gemini twin rear carb gas conversion

    Looks like the spark plugs and ignition box to me.
  3. Makin chips

    Necessary/desired machine tools?

    I might be spoiled because I am still employed so I get to use the machines at my employer’s shop on my own time to do my projects. I believe a Mill, lathe, small band saw are your basics. With them you can make your sander, polisher, and most of your tooling needs. Next I’d add a welder. gas...
  4. Makin chips

    Twin aero CI/diesel - some advice needed

    I would think wether you have clearance in the joints or not you would need a holding fixture to keep everything in line while heating and cooling. just my $.02
  5. Makin chips

    T head engine by Brian

    A couple (3 or 4)pieces of pipe under the machine and you can roll the saw into place only lifting it enough to place or remove the pipes.
  6. Makin chips

    IC Hit & Miss engine coolant.

    This is the product we use. I’m sure you could find the same or something similar in small quantities at MSC or mcmaster. Maybe even a free sample would be enough for a couple engines worth…
  7. Makin chips

    IC Hit & Miss engine coolant.

    The machine shop I work in uses a water soluble coolant in our CNC mill that works very well. When the water evaporates out of the coolant overnight there is a residue left on the cast iron table or the tool steel vise/tooling. An oily film is left and we never have a rust issue. I’ll have to...
  8. Makin chips

    A new attempt at making piston rings

    I have to agree with Steamchick. Honing gets rid of the ridges left by boring. Look at a bored or turned surface under a microscope, looks like a fine thread. Honing or lapping will take all the sharpness off the high points or smooth them completely if enough material is removed. Depending on...
  9. Makin chips

    left hand drills

    I will grind by hand left handed teeth on the end of a solid hard shaft of appropriate size for broken screw removal( a little less than the tap drill size). Not really a drill but more of a flute-less left handed end mill. Been doing this for years and it works great. When using it I start with...
  10. Makin chips

    T-Head Engine Plans

    I'm wondering if the valve stem and the accompanying adjusting rod tappet assembly need a definitive separation. That's a lot of weight and leverage flopping around as they motion and try to seat... Maybe a guide for the lower assembly and the valve stem just butts against a rod end. Just my...
  11. Makin chips

    Attkinson engine & the Pendergrast design..

    Has any progress been made on making tha Atkinson CAD drawing available? Thanks in advance.
  12. Makin chips

    Hello every buddy

    Thanks, I have to finish a few loose ends on it then start another. Haven’t chosen the next subject yet but a few I’ve considered are a snow, a sideshaft hit or miss, or a vertical air cooled. Not looking to design it so depends on what i can find for plans I guess.
  13. Makin chips

    Hello every buddy

    Here it is, the first lengthy run I've gotten so far. Kerzel model Hit n Miss 2x1 scale - YouTube
  14. Makin chips

    Hello every buddy

    im trying to upload a video of the engine running. For now an older vid of the crank making process will have to do sorry from the techtard.
  15. Makin chips

    Hello every buddy

    Hello everyone in the community. New, well seasoned, and everyone in between. I am a toolmaker by trade so have a wealth of knowledge to apply to the hobby. I got into the trade because I was fascinated with making things. 44+ years later I’m still cranking out parts for my employer and on my...
  16. Makin chips

    Knee mill table power up&down

    I have a bad shoulder and cranking the table up or down on my knee mill was becoming quite a chore. So I made an adapter for my cordless drill to mate it to the handle connection. Had to put three flats on the 1/2” shaft to prevent it from slipping in the chuck. Works great and I grin every time...