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  1. Kaleb

    Should you run carbide with your machine at flat chat? Not necessarily.

    If you're like me and use carbide tooling a fair bit, you may have read that it likes to run fast. This idea is further supported by the surface speed and feed recommendations you will often find printed on the back of those packets the inserts are sold in; and you might well have seen videos of...
  2. Kaleb

    Marklin 4148/4149 rebuild

    Still uncertain about the nickel plating, as I'd have to find where I can get some of that plating solution, but anyway, on with the job at hand. With the boiler mostly done, I turned my attention to the engine itself. I discovered that many of the moving parts were badly worn from all those...
  3. Kaleb

    Marklin 4148/4149 rebuild

    Now for the boiler repairs, and a bit of work on a couple of the fittings. The solder joint on the steam manifold was touched up a bit as it looked a bit weak, possibly due to some of the solder melting in the fire. In hindsight it seems quite amazing that this joint was still holding at all...
  4. Kaleb

    Marklin 4148/4149 rebuild

    On to making that sight glass nut. A piece of 5/16" brass hex was set up in the lathe and faced. Machining the round section Drilling and tapping an M3.5 thread to suit the fittings Opening the hole out to 6mm part way down to suit the glass. Parting off. Cleaning up and...
  5. Kaleb

    Bigger workshop, new machines, even bigger ambitions.

    It's been more than a year since my family and I moved down to Bendigo, and none of us have ever really looked back. In this time I have been keeping busy with my engine building and other projects. With this move has come a new workshop that puts the cramped setup in one half of a double garage...
  6. Kaleb

    Marklin 4148/4149 rebuild

    Continuing from the last post.. The sight glass fittings had been soldered in place, one was plugged with solder, the other had a nail stuck in the top of it in some half-hearted attempt to stop it leaking. When I stripped the boiler down, I discovered why they had been soldered to the end...
  7. Kaleb

    Marklin 4148/4149 rebuild

    Been having a lot going on during the last few weeks, including getting a new camera as I dropped and broke my old one, but I've been making progress with this engine. With everything stripped down, I decided to start repairing the boiler. De-soldering one of the end caps This could well...
  8. Kaleb

    Marklin 4148/4149 rebuild

    If you haven't heard how this engine came to my workshop, you can read about it here: Long story short, it actually belongs to a man in Ballarat, and was damaged in a fire. I originally had no idea what model this engine was...
  9. Kaleb

    Repairing some fire-damaged engines

    Last month I met a man at a local vintage machinery rally with a collection of various steam engines running on compressed air. I saw that some of them were very worn and sloppy and offered to help him get them to run better, and gave him my details. Around a week later, I got something of an...
  10. Kaleb

    A novel steam engine with no separate boiler. Yes, you read that right.

    Not too long ago I stumbled upon a journal article detailing a liquid-piston steam engine which did away with the need for a boiler in the traditional sense. Following this up led me to some patent documents filed by a group of Japanese engineers working for Denso that details the working...
  11. Kaleb

    How Model diesel Engine works?

    May I ask where exactly you are? How about telling us a bit about yourself on the Introduction board.
  12. Kaleb

    Chinese/Hong Kong reamers from eBay, yay or nay?

    I recently snapped my 6mm chucking reamer in two, so time to look for a replacement. Now searching eBay yields plenty of results, however a lot of these are from those "we got it all/one stop shop" sellers from China and Hong Kong. I found some of them offering reamers this size for as little as...
  13. Kaleb

    Gone south of the border

    Sorry to not let you know earlier, but I am now a resident of Victoria, Bendigo to be more precise. I arrived on the 12th at my sister's place, where I am currently staying until my parents and I move into our new house on the 6th of April. This move has been years in the making, and there...
  14. Kaleb

    Steel bores in steam engines, do they hold up?

    Pickings have been good at the local scrap yard recently, and I've managed to score some offcuts of steel hollow bar that look like good starting points for steam engine cylinders. Question is, how long will it take before the bores rust up on me? I've asked a couple of other model engine...
  15. Kaleb

    Cast Iron Body Building Weights

    I've machined a few of these weights (they're called barbell weights as far as I know) to make flywheels. Now some people would tell you not to touch the things with a ten foot pole, but I've generally found them to be okay to machine, though I have encountered two bad ones which were tough as...
  16. Kaleb

    Indian milling machines (and machine tools in general) - A possible alternative?

    Although I have long been wanting to buy a milling machine at some stage, and have been keeping a look out to get an idea of what's on the market, I've recently been pondering an option that I had previously disregarded or overlooked. Could an Indian made machine possibly be a viable option...
  17. Kaleb

    Been seeing some odd spam just now. What is this spammer out for?

    I've just seen two threads posted with the exact same words in each: In both cases it was hyperlinked to a Reddit post which displayed an image looking like a video player, but I erred on the side of caution and didn't click it. I'll bet this is spam coming from a bot of some kind, no doubt...
  18. Kaleb

    My take on Jurgen Galba's beam engine

    To be honest, I'm not sure on that one since I don't have a mill with a rotary table. I might change the design so the blades are straight, and only have four of them.
  19. Kaleb

    My take on Jurgen Galba's beam engine

    About time I posted an update on this build. Things have been slow lately, but I have made progress. The next part I turned my attention to was the cylinder. The plans call for stainless steel, which although not the best material to machine, is in my opinion an excellent choice because...
  20. Kaleb

    Centrifugal Pump Impeller

    I'm also in the process of building J. Galba's beam engine, and had been wondering whether I could get by with a straight-blade impeller. I've seen such a thing in a full-sized pump I've got laying around(albeit with one blade missing!) If I could have straight blades, that would make my life a...