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    Late Era Enclosed Steam Engines

    greentwin , That engine in your photos that is painted white, would be a good price at $600, if you would be able to pick it up somehow.??
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    New to me.

    Very nice, you are lucky to find that one..
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    Stuart Number 9 Engine

    looking good....
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    Stuart 5a stationay build

    Your a very good machinist, the 5A is a nice size engine. Well done.
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    Stuart 5a stationay build

    I do have the castings for the reversing mechanism, I have got to see if I have the drawings.
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    Stuart 5a stationay build

    Very nice job, I am working my reversing gear so will be interesting to see how you are doing yours.
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    Newbie Looking to buy a Lathe

    Look at youtube there are bad reviews on the Vevor lathe, it's not worth your hard earned money...
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    Hand cramping and arthritis

    I take Gabapentin for my nerve pain. I am 81, and yes it is hard to pick up small parts.
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    Hello from Finland

    Very impressive work..
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    A new lathe

    Getting a new lathe or mill is always exciting and fun, thanks for posting.
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    Identification of metal lathe

    Well what ever make it is, it looks well made and heavy, and looks like you have all the gears and parts.
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    Newby from Sheffield, UK.

    Peatrich, you being from the UK should have lots of castings and plans for steam engines over there. Welcome.
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    South Bend 8K photos

    {It not same lathe as old south bend.} Yes I know, I am pretty sure they were made In Taiwan. I saw one of Grizzlys gun smith lathes, a 14 inch at a trade show, also made in Taiwan it was a very impressive lathe.
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    South Bend 8K photos

    I remember when Grizzly brought out that South Bend 8K lathe and the price, there was a lot of talk on the South Bend forum, like was said sales were slow because of the price.
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    Hello from Bird City, Kansas

    I have been to the bird city engine show, very nice, welcome.
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    Stuart 10H build

    All are steam lines and return pipes are insulated as are the traps, each device has its own steam trap and return line, This is at a large hotel with large laundry and kitchen, you can imagine how many stream traps and piping we need to service..
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    Stuart 10H build

    Boilers..At work the hot water is returned back after the steam traps, to heat the makeup water, witch is pumped back into the boiler, the steam traps are serviced all the time and the return water eats the black pipe after time , it is a maintenance headache.. Ritchard, we are saving as much...
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    Select 816 B Lathe Acquired

    As you know the Myford lathe uses oil not grease, when I first got it, every zerk was full of grease, it had the drip feed oilers on it so the last owner knew not to put grease on the bearings...
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    Engine and photos are first class work,
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    New Member

    You are lucky to get the partially built corliss and the drawings, lots of help here.. Welcome