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    Building a twin cylinder inline i.c. engine.

    Brian, you might consider using any 12Vdc power supply instead of a battery. When I finished my first IC engine Webster just recently, I tested alternative 12vdc power supplies such as an old computer power supply (12amps of 12vdc I think) and 12vdc 1amp wall wart transformer and all of them...
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    Webster engine cam method

    Thank you for posting this great information. I know that this is an old thread, but I just found it. I'm building my first IC engine (Webster) and I reached the point when I have to make a cam. So I followed your posting and made one. It was a best way to make a cam on mini-mill. I tried a...
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    Cx701 lathe report

    I totally agree with a loss of trust in reliability of electronic motor speed controls. I own HF 7x10 since 1999. I also own a Grizzly mini-mill. Both machines use electronic motor speed control. They fail if you overload them or stall simply by accidentally plunging your cutting tool too deep...
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    Older Sherline 4000 for Beginners First Lathe

    I would by this Sherline. Just keep in mind that these lathes are very small, so you wouldn't be able to make anything big. Elmer's model engines I think would be a good choice to start making something. If you find that you like this hobby, then you can buy larger machines and because the...
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    Parting tool chatter

    Try to push the crosslide in while advancing it into the cut and maintain the pressure while you are parting. You will not find this info readily available online, but because of backlash in the crosslide the tool moves in and out, digs in and out. Keeping the pressure on will not let cutting...
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    Cant remove drill chuck grizzly g8689 mini mill

    I too would use a piece of wood to support the headstock. I would also try to apply some penetrating oil into the spindle. BTW, a 50/50 mix of acetone and ATF (automatic transmission fluid) woks great in place of penetrating oil.