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    Sold 5C collet set...almost a full set

    I have a set of 5C collets that are extras from a lathe I bought. This is a full set minus a few by 64th's. There are also many extras of popular sizes that are included. These are different brands, such as Hardinge, Lyndex, and Interstate. All of them are in good used condition and would...
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    Sold Elmer Wall mighty mite castings

    I picked these up awhile ago and just don't see them going anywhere in my shop, other than under the bench. I only have the block and the pan. Nothing else. The block is cast iron and the pan is aluminum. I don't have prints, or any other castings for this engine. Just these two pieces...
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    Perkins 1/4 scale hit n miss

    I forgot the kit is still being sold by Canadian Model Engineering. I would imagine they have the plans or could possibly help with carb info. Canadian Model Engineering - Gas Engines Martin
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    Perkins 1/4 scale hit n miss

    The carb on mine wasn't sourced. It was built to plans. From what I remember it was very simple to build. Nothing like a Lunkenheimer, just a few pieces. I built the carb right to the plans and it ran on the first try. Never had any problem with it running. I'm not sure where to get the...
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    Wanted WANTED in Maryland: Die filer- castings/advice.

    Ottocycle, the motor came from my work. They were throwing it away so I repurposed it. It's got a 1inch stroke so it's been fine for me. I don't know that there are instructions for it anywhere. The plans come with it and the build is pretty straight forward. Good luck, Martin
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    Wanted WANTED in Maryland: Die filer- castings/advice.

    Here's one by Metal Lathe Accessories. FILING MACHINE (MLA-18) | MLA I built mine several years ago and it works great. It is a little more involved than the one Gary Martin sells. Either one will work and be a nice tool for you to have the rest of your life. Good luck, Martin
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    Sold Breisch/Petters 1/3 Scale Associated Engines

    Pm sent. Interested. Thanks Martin
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    Sold Iscar MWLNR 12-4W tool with inserts

    Sold pending payment. Thanks
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    Sold Iscar MWLNR 12-4W tool with inserts

    I have an Iscar MWLNR 12-4W tool with 14 inserts. This uses WNMG 43- inserts. I am including 432 inserts which have a .8mm nose radius. These are double sided inserts that are good for roughing. I got this tool in the tooling package with the lathe I bought earlier this year. The shank on...
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    For Sale Model railroad rail

    Any idea on price he's wanting? Thanks, Martin
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    Sold Small parting/ grooving tool with carbide inserts

    I have this parting/grooving tool that I got with my lathe and won't be using. It's got a 3/8" shank and includes 7 carbide inserts as well as the tool to remove the inserts. These work great. I'll sell for $40 which includes shipping and paypal fees. You pay $40, that's it. Thanks, Martin
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    Sold Small od/face carbide tool

    More tools that came with my lathe. I won't use these as I have other tools that I like better. No need for me to keep this. The tool has a 3/8" shank and also includes 12 inserts. These inserts are single sided with three cutting edges each. They are all new. I'll let this go for $40...
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    Sold Small threading tool with inserts

    I have some tooling that came with my lathe when I bought it that I don't need and won't use. Hopefully someone can use this. It's got a 3/8" shank with 8 new carbide inserts. It works great, but I have other threading tools that I like better, so no need for me to keep it in the cluttered...
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    Sold 5c Metric collets

    I've been cleaning out the shop and have these. They are all extras to my other sets, so no need for me to keep them. They're all in pretty good shape. Some have some mill marks on top, but the insides are all good, no rust or galling inside. Sizes listed in the first picture. 26 in total...
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    Sold 5C Hex collets

    I have some extras that I don't need and hope someone else can use them. The hex sizes are: 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", & 3/4". There are also an extra 1/2 and 9/16 hex collets. Also throwing in a 1/2" square collet. All go together, I'm not selling individually. I will sell them for...
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    Sold Rivett 608 front carriage and top part

    No, sorry. It sold a few months ago. I thought I marked it as sold. My bad. I will be listing my full 608 soon. Just need to get some decent pictures of it. Thanks, Martin
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    Sold Stuart Walking Beam Casting Kit

    I'll take it. Sent a pm also. Thanks, Martin
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    For Sale Morrison and Marvin mini Wilton Vice kit

    I'd put my name in line if it doesn't sell to 34Dave. I've built two and they are a fun project which turns out a very nice and useful tool. I wish they'd make more.... Martin
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    Look what followed me home

    I was perusing facebook marketplace last week and found this gem. It was about a two hour drive from me. It's a machine built in 2007, English and Metric threading, 4k rpm spindle. There is a 3 jaw chuck, 4 jaw chuck, tailstock chuck, live centers, full set of collets plus an almost full set...