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  1. darwenguy

    Lead screw nut

    Hi all, can anyone help me find a replacement lead screw nut for my lathe. I cant find any suppliers that list this part. Its an old imperial machine and the thread appears to be 3/10 in diameter. I do have another lathe so could possibly make a new one if i cant find a replacment. Pics of the...
  2. darwenguy

    Casting kit business?

    Hi Dan, That is a very rougth average guess at the material cost for me to make and cast each mold. Thats sand, gas, metal, electric, over overheads and workshop rent. This does not account for any design, pattern making or cost per hour worked. Petroband can be reused many times, it does...
  3. darwenguy

    Casting kit business?

    Thanks Ken. Greentwin they are Very nice looking iron castings. And some interesting ideas, thanks for sharing. Unfortunatly as you sied its not a process that can be profitable on a small scale. I do use sodium silicate for cylinder cores but they dont make too much waste. I can just about do...
  4. darwenguy

    Casting kit business?

    Hi Greentwin, do you have any pics of the casting you make with the resin sand? Also what sort of resin do you use? Is it just typical two part epoxy? And can the sand be reused? Interesting to see different methods. Ive seen some of the videos on youtube were they use molasis as a binder for...
  5. darwenguy

    English Hobby Machinist Magazine

    'Model Engineer' and 'Model Engineers Workshop' are probably the most known there are also some over titles by the same publisher,, mortons i think it is. There may be another called 'moddeling in miniature' rings a bell. Luke.
  6. darwenguy

    Cringle Model Engineering

    I would like to offer a 10% discount for my website to all HMEM members. Simply use the code 'HMEM' at checkout for the discount. Most of my models have been covered in detailed build logs on this forum and lots more kits in the pipeline. Best wishes. Luke...
  7. darwenguy

    Casting kit business?

    Ohh i just clicked the ebay link, that is a big asking price! Looks like it comes with a fer bit but you would realy need to shift some kits to make any profit. I totaly agree i think i could design and make the patterns for a lot less with cad and 3d printing. I often make odd obsolete parts...
  8. darwenguy

    Machining tools for a micro lathe.

    I use the generic chineese tools from ebay, i use mostly the 10mm insert holders, they work fine with 'decent' inserts. A full set can be got for around £20. HSS tool steel is readily available also. Search for mini lathe tools and you will find plenty. Luke.
  9. darwenguy

    Casting kit business?

    I do hope someone can preserve these patterns, it would be such a loss. As somone who makes and sells casting kits for a living i would say its realy hard work! Maybe not so bad if you have plenty of investment to make stock. And advertisment. I design and cast all my models myself and have been...
  10. darwenguy

    Super easy sand muller

    Thats great news, happy mulling👍
  11. darwenguy

    Mark's Monitor Build

    Looks like a realy interesting engine design. And your brass castings look amazing, well worth the effort. Thanks for sharing. Luke.
  12. darwenguy

    Super easy sand muller

    Glad to help Andrew, i imagine canon balls would work well. Or the waights Mark mentiond above have been comfirmed to work well.
  13. darwenguy

    Super easy sand muller

    Hi all, Heres a simple idea that may help somone out, this is the setup i have been using to mull sand, its simply a cement mixer with some iron balls inside it. Its soo simple it may not be that obviouse. First remove the paddles from the tub then just add some heavy balls, the two iron ball i...
  14. darwenguy

    Electroforming - thin walled copper parts from 3D prints

    This sounds realy interesting, very clever. It would be nice to see the results. Im just trying to think of somthing i could use this for now.
  15. darwenguy

    Hello from Lancashire, England

    Welcome to the forum, fellow lancashire dweller here.
  16. darwenguy

    Making a model engine from scratch.

    Part 5 of this build..
  17. darwenguy

    Making a model engine from scratch.

    Part 4 of my engine build video log.
  18. darwenguy

    Generator powered by a Wyvern

    Beutifull looking engine, and great to see the generator running.
  19. darwenguy

    Model generator build from casting kit.

    Thanks for following along. If interested the full kits are available from my website. Best wishes. Luke
  20. darwenguy

    Model generator build from casting kit.

    After test fitting all parts were painted, use etch primer first on the alloy castings. While the paint dried i got on with the rest of the wiring and turned the brass screw terminals. Drilled 2.5mm tapped m3 then knerled and chamfered and parted off. The terminal bases were made at the same...