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  1. kaolsen1728

    Help with Arduino idexer

    I also built one of these. I also found the error problem. However, this may help and I believe that it was posted on this forum: The attached file contains the arduino sketch I wrote for my dividing head. The math algorithm is written to assure that the 0 (zero) location always winds up at the...
  2. kaolsen1728

    Help with Arduino idexer

    Do a browser search on "Stepper Motor Error" to find out more about this problem.
  3. kaolsen1728

    boiler explosion. what not to do.

    Is this a copper boiler or steel? Do not overstress the boiler when doing a hydrotest. ASME notes that the water should be at 70 deg F. Obviously it can be a little more than this, probably up to 100 deg. Then the pressure is raised slowly. Just like we do or should do when steaming up. If it is...
  4. kaolsen1728

    boiler explosion. what not to do.

    You should get a little of the steam oil mixed with the exhaust as this is what lubricates the valves and pistons. Keep in mind that super heated steam is also dry steam. Wet steam that results without super heaters will provide some lubrication, but do not run the engine dry of the steam oil or...
  5. kaolsen1728

    boiler explosion. what not to do.

    I normally get involved with steel boilers and not copper ones. I will add that in the US, the ASME code now only tests boilers such as those used in model steam engines at 1 1/2 times the calculated operating pressure that the weakest component computes to. Also the maximum pressure at least in...
  6. kaolsen1728

    US State Boiler Code

    I have attached a copy of the ASME info on doing a hydrostatic test on boilers. Note that it states to do the test at 1.5 or more above the NWP. Note also that this is what the code refers to for full size boilers. I am not sure but in the State of Washington, the NWP max that they allow is 100...
  7. kaolsen1728

    3d printed box for gear cutters

    Here is a list of sources for 3d printable parts. Some of these sites will charge for the print: Thingiverse (already noted by Peter MyMini Factory Cults 3d Smithsonian NIH 3d Print Exchange Grab Cad Trace Parts STL Hive The DM Workshop My source for the above was YouTubes Makers Muse.
  8. kaolsen1728

    Fusion 360 replacement

    My first Cad program I used was 2d Grafix Cad. I still have an old laptop that I can run it on (windows 95). However, I moved up to Turbo Cad and have used it now for over 15 years. I will admit that the learning curve was tough! Especially back then we did not have U-Tube. However, I keep at it...
  9. kaolsen1728

    US State Boiler Code

    The US ASME boiler code does recognize what they refer to as "Miniature Boilers" under "Part PMB, Requirements for miniature boilers". PMB-2 under Scope notes the following: PMB-2.1 The classification miniature boilers applies to boilers that do not exceed the following limits: (a) 16 in. (400...
  10. kaolsen1728

    US State Boiler Code

    I have uploaded all of the boiler info for the State of Washington on our Kitsap Live Steamer's website at this link: Our state is also more relaxed on hobby boilers than it used to be, but all boilers must be...
  11. kaolsen1728

    Spring Winder - Build your own springs

    I have always wound spring using my lathe. For compression springs I set the lathe to run at it's slowest and select the pitch that comes closest to the desired turns per inch. I make the first couple of turns by turning the lathe by hand for a couple of closed loops, then engage the half nut...
  12. kaolsen1728

    Making a D1 4 Chuck reciever for a rotary table.

    Ninefinger: I'd appreciate it if you would save the Fusion 360 cad files to the DWG format. Then those of us that use other cad programs can open them. Ken Olsen
  13. kaolsen1728

    Electronic Dividing Head using the Arduino

    Here in Seattle, WA, I am in the process of completing the Arduino spin indexer project. Being my first Arduino project, if if were not for contributors like you Chuck as well as Gary Liming and many others, I would not have been able to nor would I have tackled this great project which will be...
  14. kaolsen1728

    US State Boiler Code

    I have uploaded to our website two documents on miniature hobby boilers in the State of Washington on our website Click on "Links" to find the documents. My contact information is also noted.