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  1. ShopShoe

    Late Era Enclosed Steam Engines

    Trivia: I don't know about the gas bags, but running gasoline engines on gaseus alternative fuels was necessary during the WW2 era and quite common. As an aside, Jacques Cousteau was inspired to design the regulator for the acqualung based on a regulator used for running vehicles...
  2. ShopShoe

    Suggestions for small mill/jig borer?

    It seems that there is an issue of Chicken or Egg here regarding purchasing a tool and learning to use it. Perhaps an available and affordable machine is a worthwhile investment while continuing to search for the real machine you want. That way, you can explore the compensations-for-limitations...
  3. ShopShoe

    What is a Diesel Engine ?

    There was a fuel called "Distillate" that was often used in early tractors, particularly the 2-cylinder John Deeres: More similiar information is available if you search for John Deere fuel information. -- --ShopShoe
  4. ShopShoe

    Another Knucklehead, built via castings, as a Draw-Tech design, upscaled

    Dubious Humor follows: Ignore if you want. (See Post #50) Johnny Five and his cousin Juan Cinco meet to plan the takeover of this project. (In all seriousness, I am following and admiring this build and I Thank You for posting.) --ShopShoe
  5. ShopShoe

    1/4 Scale 1895 St. Joseph Iron Works veneer lathe

    I am impressed with this project and your abilities to get it made. There definitely will be lots of things to watch when it is running. Congratulations on accomplishing this and Thank You for posting it for us to see. --ShopShoe
  6. ShopShoe

    Straight 6 Cylinder Engine

    There are several brands of paint sticks available that may work for you. There used to be some sold specifically for remarking the engraved settings on camera lenses, but I don't have that information anymore. I tried googling "paint for remarking camera lenses" and found some discussions on...
  7. ShopShoe

    Straight 6 Cylinder Engine

    Ray, Congratulations on the excellent fit, especially considering the drill press. You have demonstrated that careful attention to detail can work wonders. As a friend of mine used to like to say: "You must have held your mouth just right for that to work out" --ShopShoe
  8. ShopShoe

    Best cheap ish lathe for this?

    Adddd, Adding to what ChazzC said, there is also the TAIG (Peatol in the UK) lathe: Here in the US, you can order a basic kit to put together a lathe and then add only the accesories you need to complete your order. These folks in the UK may be able to provide more information...
  9. ShopShoe

    Kevin's Panther Pup

    I've just gotta add congratulations to the people who worked on that. It is a fitting memorial and a heck of a nice thing to do. --ShopShoe
  10. ShopShoe

    Cam Grinding Hypothetical Design Concepts

    I am following along because it is interesting to see a project start with a concept and then move on to design: I am not interested in building a cam grinder at the present time. Quote from Jasonb: "Not sure if draw slides don't have too much play, ground rods with oilite bushes may be better...
  11. ShopShoe

    Upshur's opposed twin engine

    Brian, Glad to see you back in the design chair. I will say you look happy that the surgery is over. My Good Wife is a retired Orthopaedic nurse and she would say your progress is very good. Best Wishes for continuing recovery. --ShopShoe
  12. ShopShoe

    Upshur's opposed twin engine

    Good Luck, Brian. --ShopShoe
  13. ShopShoe

    Compression ignition

    Jumping back to the boat in post number two: Another boat and an older video, but I appreciate what it took to maneuver a small boat powered by one of these: As someone told me as I drove an unsyschronized stick shift transmission many years ago: "I didn't realize so much manipulation was...
  14. ShopShoe


    I also occasionally have "...a need now and again to weld two bits of metal together." So I seem to have have experience close to yours in this area. I have been welding off and on for decades now, although not so much lately. I can't comment directly on the laser welders, so you can move to...
  15. ShopShoe

    DRO uses with conventional drawings

    Steamchick, I seem to think and operate a lot like you do in your shop when I am doing something in mine. In our worlds what matters is what fits, no matter how we get there. As far as rambling goes: Feel free to ramble away. I read your posts. --ShopShoe
  16. ShopShoe

    DRO uses with conventional drawings

    Random Thoughts ............. For an individual working with that individual's own set of tools and own usual techniques everything is undrstood by that individual and precision and repeatability is pretty much, well..., repeatable. Standards for communication and practice come into play when...
  17. ShopShoe

    18 Cylinders Isotta Fraschini (straight six-cylinder x3 )

    Congratulations! I have been watching your posts and waiting to see this run. I am impressed by the result and I have enjoyed your skillful build. But more than that, I admire the stick-to-it-ive-ness you have had to result in the completion. Thank You for posting all of it. --ShopShoe
  18. ShopShoe

    Be silent or Forum !!

    When I was young, I had an opinion for about any subject and I was often correcting what others said a lot. Now that I am old, I am just beginning to understand what is meant by "with Age comes Wisdom." I often hold my comments and opinions for a period of time rather than jumping right in as...
  19. ShopShoe

    I need suggestions. Lathe

    Other Ideas?? In studying various lathes and watching different people address the problems of exact positioning that you want to address, I can offer what seem to be the traditional ways of working toward precision. 1. Install a DRO and try for the best adjustment and calibration so you get...
  20. ShopShoe

    vintage aviation gyroscope rebuild

    FYI, I googled aviation gyroscopes, hoping to find more information. I did find several vintage ones for sale for low bucks, in terrrible condition and probably not functional. Possibly worth trying to get one to have the case and the display and something else to play with. I am interested in...