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  1. Lofty76

    Wanted Bessemer oil field engine drawings

    Hi everyone, would anyone be able to advise if its possible to purchase drawings for the above engine? Being in the UK its impossible to get castings, but drawings will be ideal. Not fussed about scale as I can convert to my requirements as required. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Lofty76

    Burgess BK2 Bandsaw questions

    Hi Mark, I have a BBS20 which I believe may be similar but I'm not wholly sure. The toothed belt on the BBS20 acts as the tyre on the drive pully, The same belt is used for both high and low speeds, with the motor being easily adjustable on slotted mounts to accomodate either high or low speeds.
  3. Lofty76

    Sad news about John Moore aka Bogstandard aka Blogwitch

    That is indeed very sad news, 'bogs' was greatly admired for his support to the forum, providing many insights and help. He will be greatly missed. Many thanks for the post Terry.
  4. Lofty76

    Lathe parts needed after accident.

    Hi K2steve, I understand that Rutland changed their name to MSC, may be worth trying Regards
  5. Lofty76

    Toolpost (or other) grinding in the lathe

    :) that machine is nearly twenty years old and used nearly every day, I reckon I keep it clean ;)
  6. Lofty76

    Toolpost (or other) grinding in the lathe

    Hi Petertha, The motor is 3.5" diameter and only 150 watts, but in the photo is rotating an 8"x 1/4" wheel. Had to use that size wheel in order to clear the crank webs. On stripping the original grinder down, the bearings were found to be SKF and I didn't consider they needed changing as the...
  7. Lofty76

    Toolpost (or other) grinding in the lathe

    Totally agree, Just out of shot in my picture is a whopping great Magnetron magnet directly under the cut and in the coolant flow. It sticks nicely to the bedway and collects pretty much all of the grinding dust.
  8. Lofty76

    Toolpost (or other) grinding in the lathe

    This is why true engineers will always survive armageddon - the ability to improvise. Well done :)
  9. Lofty76

    Toolpost (or other) grinding in the lathe

    Heres one I knocked up using an unwanted (at the time) cheap 6" bench grinder, shown here finishing the main bearings of an R&B gas engine, Please note, this was a first try and the grinder does have a guard fitted now.
  10. Lofty76

    Can this be repaired?

    If the gear teeth are ok, and the bore is ok, why not just recut the key way on the opposite side?
  11. Lofty76

    Cooling water for small engine !

    It was, sorry, I couldn't resist :) adjective: consecrated (of a church or land) having been made or declared sacred. "a Christian burial in consecrated ground"
  12. Lofty76

    Cooling water for small engine !

    I do use the premixed standard car / motorcycle coolant in not only my miniature engines but also my full sized stationary engines, I also use it in my water cooled electric motor on my milling machine. So far no cooling or corrosion problems in any of them. Docs 'consecrated' coolant might be...
  13. Lofty76

    Steamengine with Hackworth valve gear

    Jack Bucklers 'Sweet Pea' uses the same valve gear,(as do a few others of this type). I finished mine in 1987 and it has been a regular steamer since, seen here at one of the club runs last year.
  14. Lofty76

    Air Compressor for mist system?

    Hi, if its any help, I use a compressor from a freezer, its almost silent in use, and delivers enough air for the mist head.
  15. Lofty76

    Where are you from?

    Added mine for you John.
  16. Lofty76

    It will not run.....

    Hi Jm, Difficult to see from a photo but it looks as if the slide valve is screwed directly to the valve rod, this would make it almost impossible for the valve to seat against the vlave face. Normally the valve is free to float and is held against the valve face by steam pressure, no matter...
  17. Lofty76

    Automatic Pressure Regulators?

    Hi Nat, Have you tried using a different (lighter) spring in the regulator? Regards Lofty
  18. Lofty76

    Proxxon CNC Mill and nccad9 software

    Thanks Kvom, Mach 3 works a treat, much obliged.
  19. Lofty76

    Proxxon CNC Mill and nccad9 software

    Many thanks for your reply. The program seems fine for standard engraving, I have worked out to input the machine limits / parameters, setting tool zero height etc, and then running a simple text program ( using a pencil in the machine collet on card clamped to the table), probably not the best...
  20. Lofty76

    Proxxon CNC Mill and nccad9 software

    Hello everybody, Recently, in an attempt to get up to date I purchased the above in order to learn some basic cnc programming.Unfortunately the nccad software is mostly in german and support from Max computers (the vendors) is not overly forthcoming. I want to try and learn to manufacture loco...