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    Vickers Machine Gun - An Amazing Video

    Just wanted to share this beautiful animation of the inner workings of the Vickers Machine Gun. The YouTube video is the fifth created by Pierre Jansen, and if you haven't seen the others I strongly urge you to check them out. Absolutely fascinating for anyone with an interest in engineering...
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    Selecting a Variable Speed Motor for Test Set-Ups

    Lloyd, I thought you might be interested to see the YouTube video that sprang to mind when I saw your post. I think the motor and controller are identical and he adds a smaller diameter poly-v pulley for speed reduction. Also - that ex golf cart is awesome!! Brushless Motor for a Mini-Lathe
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    Selecting a Variable Speed Motor for Test Set-Ups

    You're most welcome Lloyd, and it'd be nice to see the motor in action once you have it set up. Good luck!
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    Selecting a Variable Speed Motor for Test Set-Ups

    This set-up looks like it might fit the bill. For close to $90 delivered you get a 3/4 HP motor with speed control via an actuation lever or control box, all easily mountable with solid brackets. This is the link to it: Motor & Controller
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    Are lathe tool carbide inserts supposed to be sharp?

    Stefan Gotteswinter is a fine engineer who generally uses carbide for his lathe tooling and has produced some interesting videos on the subject. In one (link below) he regrinds carbide inserts, producing a sharp edge and demonstrating that the results in cutting steel, brass and aluminium are...
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    Centre drilling jig

    Something cheap and readily available like this could work well for that setup. The clamp could easily be mounted onto a block to increase the height. Drill Table Clamp
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    Les Chenery's Monosoupape

    For anybody that's even remotely interested in these beautiful engines there is an amazing video here: Monosoupape Assembly To be honest this video will entertain just about anybody with even a passing interest in this forum or engineering in general.
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    Putting some grip (stippling) on an aluminium drive pulley.

    I'm astonished and saddened at the ludicrous criticism Jim's video has generated. It was an interesting take on something he wanted to achieve, short and sweet and impossible to see how any sort of serious injury could have occurred. I spent 30 years in the Fire Service and another decade in...
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    Project of the month

    I can see the reasoning in making in the provision of a build log being a requirement for the POM or Featured Project or whatever it may become. But that denies some amazing engines that really deserve special recognition. A perfect case in point is the engine posted last month by 'srobovak'...
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    Single cylinder OHV - "Snöffy"

    A truly unique and stunning piece of engineering Branislav, beautifully designed and created. I'd just like to add my name to the long list of people who'd happily pay for the plans if they ever became available.
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    Compound Indexing on Rotary table 90 tooth worm for 127 divisions

    There is a beautifully simple and free website called Blocklayer that makes it a doddle to print a divided circle in addition to many other useful functions, like for example a pulley calculator. It literally takes about 10 seconds to specify a circle with 127 divisions like this...
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    Building a model Drag Saw

    Hello Brian your drag drag saw is - like all your builds - interesting, beautifully engineered and innovative. I have (like I guess the silent majority) been watching with great interest and wouldn't normally comment. Now I love your saw as it is, but I cannot help but think that it could be so...
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    A Stothert & Pitt beam engine.

    I'll see if I can find the drawings. If I can I'll copy them and email them to you. Might be a day or two, I'll let you know. Steve
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    A Stothert & Pitt beam engine.

    Beautiful work Tomlinson, many thanks for sharing. I've had an identical model in the cupboard for many years (even before you started yours!) which I hope to get around to in the not too distant future. Steve