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    Sold 1/3 Scale Galloway Hit and Miss Casting Kit

    Keep me in the loop if it fails to go through
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    Sold 1/3 Scale Galloway Hit and Miss Casting Kit

    Let me know if still available Mike
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    Sold 1/3 Scale Galloway Hit and Miss Casting Kit

    What are the dimensions for the flywheels
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    Trade Stuart Engines

    Stuart Engines are all gone Mike
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    Trade Stuart Engines

    Well those that are interested can come to Port Angeles and take a look see just drop me a note on my email [email protected] or call 360 460 4862
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    Trade Stuart Engines

    I live in Port Angeles 360 460 4862
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    Trade Stuart Engines

    Hello Jim I will attempt to upload a folder with pictures
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    Trade Stuart Engines

    Hello I have several Stuart Steam models that are collecting dust and need a new home there complete and do run. If you are interested contact me and I can send out some photo's
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    Hello from WA state, USA

    Welcome to the group Mike in Port Angeles
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    Shop built sparkplugs for model engines

    McMaster Carr sells a machinable ceramic material that works well. MF
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    Wanted Case Traction Engine

    Hello to all So Im looking for a set of prints for the 1" Case Traction Engine that was sold by Coles Models I have an engine that my uncle built in 1960's and it needs a new boiler the prints have disapeared so I need a set so Im on the hunt. Mike
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    What have you been doing today?

    Well today I spent time building a lazy susan to hold all my model fasteners 0-80 to 8-32 it will be nice to have them sorted and stored by size and length makes life eazer. M
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    I have a 1" Case Traction Engine built by my uncle and it is out of time, Im looking for suggestions on where to star to set the excentric. it is a Coles model hasn't run for 20 yrs It has a reversing lever. Mike
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    What have you been doing today?

    Building a stainless steel burner for a 1 inch Case tracktion engine to burn White Gas the engine was built by my uncle its a Coles model I have been rehabing it burner last pc of the puzzle. MF
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    Taking it up a step---

    So when I was teaching I would tell my students that they could not use a cailiper until they had a good handle on using the outside and inside micrometer alnong with a depth micrometer. I would introduce the caliper to them once they had mastered the Micrometer. The results of doing this was...
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    Thanks for letting me join from NW Washington State

    Hello from Mike Frick Port Angles just a short distance from you.
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    Miniature tap guide and depth stop

    Back in the 60's I worked in a shop that made electronic signs the backbone to the sings was a 6" x 12" 1/8" steel plate with several hundred holes drilled and taped 6-32, 4-40 we used goose grease as a cutting agent and it worked great, we also kept the taps in a tin with grease heated which...
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    Need bezel for old Mitutoyo calipers

    Try this place he repairs all kinds of precision machine instruments Robb Precision Tool Service located in Seattle Wa.
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    Tooling suggestions sought

    For me carbide inserts are great but very expensive. So HSS tooling on the lathe and mill are the way to go if your on a tight budget. The key to HSS tooling for the lathe is to have a good pedestal grinder for grinding tools to the desired shape. HSS can be ground and honed to a very sharp...
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    Ban on small engines in California

    So I have only one question, Where are we going to get all the Electracy to charge all the batterie powered equipment and cars since the move is on to dismantle power plants and tear down dams. Mike