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    Help with Mach3 and 4th axis machining

    I also made an adapter that fits into the taper on the rotary table and has the same threads as my lathe spindle (Boxford AUD II). Allows me to mount my lathe chuck on the mill 4th axis. Very helpful in keeping concentricity when shifting to milling features. Cheers, Adrian
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    Help with Mach3 and 4th axis machining

    A couple of 4-axis projects for general interest. Liners for a 5" Gauge Royal Scot Steam locomotive and a feed screw for cannabis dispenser prototype. Cheers, Adrian
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    Help with Mach3 and 4th axis machining

    Rick, I have used my 4th axis with Mach 3 (ESS and G540) on a number of projects. My current settings are attached. I tend to be conservative in my motor tuning. Cheers, Adrian
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    Marine engine - universal joint to prop shaft?

    Peter, Another example. Cheers, Adrian
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    Rotary Steam Regulator

    Rotary steam regulator suitable for servo control.? Original built for steam tug D10 power plant.?
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    Rotary Steam Regulator

    Rotary steam regulator suitable for servo control.? Original built for steam tug D10 power plant.?
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    setting backlash in mach 3,solidcam

    I am assuming that you have stepper motors on the X, Y and Z axis. Have you tuned the Z axis motor and confirmed that your speed and acceleration values for the Z axis are not causing you to miss steps? The Z-axis motor has to work fairly hard to move the mill head vertically. If you set it to...
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    dead LCD monitor

    George, I have just repaired a 24" LG widescreen that refused to power up. Four bulging capacitors on the power supply were the root cause. A few minutes with a soldering iron and the monitor was back in operation. Look for a service manual on-line to help with the dis-assembly of the monitor...
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    Banding on finish when using powerfeed on G0602

    "Q.E.D. is an initialism of the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum, which translates as "which was to be demonstrated". The phrase is traditionally placed in its abbreviated form at the end of a mathematical proof or philosophical argument when what was specified in the enunciation — and in...
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    What thread size?

    Measured my Lansky Thumb screws and checked them with a die. It is 10-24 NC Cheers, Adrian
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    Making Circuit boards and programming pics

    I can do both. Is the board through hole or surface mount? Cheers, Adrian
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    I have a DRO350 on my Grizzly G0619. I powered the scales from the DRO (capacitor mod in battery compartments) and paid particular attention to the routing of the cables in the enclosure. Used the Z axis scale that came with the mill and added two chinese scales for the X and Y axis. It has been...
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    Reversable Carriage Stop

    The plans are found in MetalWorking Book 3 from Villages Press. It would be inappropriate for me to post copies from the book. I did make my own working drawings in Autocad Inventor. Not sure the legality of passing those on (with suitable credit to the designer Tom Borowicz)? Cheers, Adrian
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    Reversable Carriage Stop

    With the Boxford restoration complete, it was time to start making some accessories. First on the list was a carriage stop. I had a look at a number of designs and then saw Tom Borowicz's reversable carriage stop in Metal Working Book 3. It was a good "machining work out" with screwcutting, deep...
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    Show Us Your Lathe

    I have just finished refurbishing a 1972 Boxford AUDII. A complete strip down, cleaning, rebuild of several parts, rewiring and finally refinishing. Time to retire my 1988 Taiwanese 9X20! Cheers, Adrian
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    Bevel Gear Cutting With Involute cutters

    Kel, Chapter 5 of Ivan Laws "Gears and Gear Cutting" (Workshop Practice Series #17) has a complete description of how to set up bevel gears. Chapter 11 covers how to cut them in the home workshop. I have just dusted it off as I am about to replace two stripped bevel gears in a friends Radial...
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    Rotary Steam Regulator

    The regulator was designed to fit onto the D10 steam manifold with a displacement lubricator. The space restrictions in the hull of the model meant that the regulator sits below the manifold with the displacement regulator plugged into the normal manifold input port. Hence, the output is at the...
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    Rotary Steam Regulator

    MCR, Pressure inside the regulator body keeps the valve firmly seated whenever it is covering all (or any) of the outlet port. The valve "floats" on the drive shaft to ensure that this sealing can take place. Lapping to valve to the body ensures that the seal does not leak. I run the valve at...
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    Rotary Steam Regulator

    I have uploaded plans for a rotary steam regulator that I constructed for my D10 powered steam tug. The regulator is designed for RC servo control. Cheers, Adrian
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    Question about boxford AUD lathe.

    Yes. The spare 50T is used as a spacing collar on the input to the gearbox. You take it off and put the 20T gear in its place. See page 65 of the Boxford "Know your Lathe" book. Cheers, Adrian