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    Thoughts on cooling a model engine with oil instead of water

    You could look into waterless coolant, I saw Edd China using it in one of the Wheeler Dealer programs. Should have all the corrosion inhibitors as he mentioned it never needed changing. Regards Mike
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    Hand cramping and arthritis

    Regarding grains, phytic acid is the problem. I no longer eat shop bought bread or anything containing flour. I make my own bread from a mixture of wheat/rye/spelt and barley, the grains are soaked overnight and then sprouted, when the little tails are just showing i put it through an auger...
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    Hello from Yorkshire, England

    Welcome to the forum Johnathan Enjoy the forum, Stainton with Adgarley near Barrow in Furness
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    Seneca Falls Lathe
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    Experimental Flash Steam and others

    The early brigs&Stratton were side valve, i have rebuilt mine recently(2 horse, off a very old cement mixer)
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    What is it?

    Think screw jacks, the smaller ones a very similar to one of the apprenticeship training jobs we had to make when i started at Vickers Armstrong shipbuilders. a long long time ago
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    New member from Germany

    Welcome to the forum Wofgang I am in the UK, have an Emcomat 7 that i bought new 50 year ago, just got mine running again after a motor failure, was lucky enough to find a 440V three phase motor on ebay(Netherlands) the difference is night and day compared to the old motor. Enjoy the forum.
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    Measuring thread depth without wires - your views, please These are much more better, i bought some on ebay years ago
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    How to clean the inside of the small pipe after welding

    A bit late now, but that would have been better joined using silver solder. the flux is disolved in warm water after a couple of hours. Regards Mike