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  1. ChooChooMike

    Another Radial - this time 18 Cylinders

    WOW, JUST WOW !!! th_confused0052 I've seen smaller models (5/7/9 cylinders), but haven't seen a running 18-cylinder. None of us are worthy !!! :bow: :bow: Mike
  2. ChooChooMike

    V8 steam... the final chapter

    Very very nice !! Think that's the 1st time I've seen your V-8 complete !! Congrats !:)
  3. ChooChooMike

    Incredible Vintage Machinery and Steam Engine Photos

    WOW !! These pictures are absolutely incredible !! They all show amazing work going on to build marine steam engines. I wonder if all these photos are from the same factory ? Kind of doubt it now that I think about it. Interesting to see both both late model steam triple-expansion...
  4. ChooChooMike

    Detroit Maker's Faire July 26 & 27

    At LEAST 2-days. I had about 6 hours to just barely scratch the surface of their collections. I spent my time mostly on the old stationary steam engines and the locomotives and machine ship in Greenfield Village. Very impressive museum, especially the full-sized engines that used to power...
  5. ChooChooMike

    Who is going to the NAMES Expo?

    Crud :( 😢. Had planned on going. Flew to Chicago (family time) a few days ago and was going to drive today (fri) from there. Then some serious family issues came up for my brother and decided he needs my support more then I need to see some masters making outstanding models :( So I...
  6. ChooChooMike

    Double-Acting Twin-Beam Engine done

    Just mesmerizing to watch and beautifully machined!:bow: Mike
  7. ChooChooMike

    Joe Martin Miniature Museum

    Yes, the Craftsmanhsip museum is an absolute must-see if you're in the neighborhood (southern California) Been there a couple of times now !! Mike
  8. ChooChooMike

    V8 steam update

    Very interesting ! Like 8 single cylinder steam engines all together ! Valve timing is going to be fun :) Cool !! :) Mike
  9. ChooChooMike

    Sherline's owner Joe Martin won't be down for breakfast ....

    Couldn't find an appropriate spot for this news, so guess here's the best place. Joe Martin, Sherline's owner died yesterday, 2/12/2014. Here's the news blurb that was sent to Sherline's email list. Joseph H. Martin December 3, 1934-February 12, 2014 It is with great sadness that we...
  10. ChooChooMike

    Link to a very useful site!

    Forgot about Frank's site - TONS of great information on there !! Think he has hung around this site in the past ? :) Mike
  11. ChooChooMike

    Mini double-acting beam engine

    Do you have a build thread ? :) Very nice !!
  12. ChooChooMike

    Magazine shortage

    Live Steam and Outdoor Railroading (as Tin previously mentioned)
  13. ChooChooMike

    gold stamp mill

    Wonderful model !
  14. ChooChooMike

    Double acting triple - Using up spare pieces

    For someone "winging" it, you are doing a pretty darn good job !! Love the fact you're using Sherline equipment for all of this :) Interesting and different setups I would not have thought of !! :bow: Mike
  15. ChooChooMike

    Triple Expansion Reciprocating Engine hand built scale model

    WOW !! :bow: Agree with everyone else, it'd be a shame to see your beautiful engine lost to time. It should be preserved in some place that others can see your outstanding craftsmanship !! The Sherline Internet Craftsmanship Museum would be a great place for your engine...
  16. ChooChooMike

    Liney RV-1 - A New Double Wide

    I built the RV-1 a few years ago and was thrilled to see it run the very 1st time !! Your 2X version is going to run very nicely. One change I should have done was to use a heavier flywheel, AL is just too light, brass or steel would have been better. Though it still runs like a champ ! Looks...
  17. ChooChooMike


    If a Norwegian robot analyzes a bird, it Scandinavian. Trust your calculator. It is something to count on. The dead batteries were given out free of charge. Police were called to a day care center where a three-year-old was resisting a rest. It was an emotional wedding. Even the cake was in...
  18. ChooChooMike

    Linotype machine Repair

    Yeah, WOW !! Never realized how complex that machine is. Some serious brainpower went into designing that machine !!
  19. ChooChooMike

    2700lb lathe boo boo by shipping company

    How could the driver NOT notice his truck now weighing a few tons less ? Rof} Steam turbine drop. Bet there was some changing of the shorts after this one !! Hmm, embedded YouTube doesn't appear to work correctly ??
  20. ChooChooMike

    2700lb lathe boo boo by shipping company

    Locomotive drop - OUCH !! Saw that video a year or so ago. Hopefully there was a "refused item, return to shipper ..... ":fan: Bent frame for sure.