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    Westbury 10cc Seagull from grabcad

    The 10cc Seagull is going to be my first build. I've been reading the castings are not the best and since I can machine them from the solid model I went looking for one. Found this one on Grabcad and down loaded it. Looks great but who knows. The guy may have dreamed up a lot of it so I will...
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    New member in Prescott Valley AZ

    Well maybe we can get together sometime. Are you a gas or steam guy? Both?
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    New member in Prescott Valley AZ

    I answered an add on Craigslist for something and the seller was in his ninety's and a model engine builder. I own a prototype machine shop and live to machine stuff so I got interested in the engines he built. So this seems like a place to hang out. My first engine will be a 10cc Seagull 2...