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    Horizontal Milling Adapter for a Bench Top Vertical Mill

    There were two articles in Home Shop Machinist magazine in the March/April and May/June 1995 issues that detailed a fairly simple right angle milling head. The information there might help inspire someone as it did me. Inspired by the above and the commercial Bridgeport right angle head, I built...
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    Wanted M6-844b Atlas Clausing Craftsman 4" chuck

    My favorite reaction to phone scammers was by one of the young guys at work. He would put his phone on speaker at lunch so we could enjoy the fun. It went like this: Scammer: "We have a great deal on (insert BS here)". Our Guy: "That sounds great. I've been looking for (BS)". Scammer: "Need...
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    Iguage junk digital scales

    A VERY cursory check on google shows that rechargeable button batteries are available, but the availability seems to be skewed heavily toward the larger sizes ( cr2016 and 2032). Dig around. You might get lucky. toolingjim (Just a guy who likes to build stuff)
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    Just a quick thought re your Rhino files. Have you looked at whether you can resave or batch convert your .3dm files to a more common file format which can in turn be read by another cad program? One of the more common file types was Autocad's .dwg file (or whatever they are using this week)...
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    Band saws

    Not to hijack the thread, but I believe the Cummins name was used back in the 70's and early 80's before the internet or Harbor Freight or Northern (Hydraulics) They used to roll into a parking lot with a semi full of tools and have a one day or weekend sale. Some stuff was ok and some was junk...
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    Band saws

    I have a 4 x 6 bandsaw that had to be made in Taiwan because it predates the industrialization of mainland China. It is badged as a Cummins, but the only connection to Cummins Diesel is the letters in the name. I made a new table about 8 x 10 from a 1/4" crs drop I found behind the shear at...
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    Morse tape in lathe. says B&S #9.
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    Allis-Chalmers lathe

    I believe Allis-Chalmers made electric motors starting during WWII. Perhaps that is where the nameplate came from. The American Toolworks Company still exists, tracing its history back to 1890. They still sell parts for their lathes, though I would doubt they would have parts for one the age of...
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    Loading quill bearings

    When I used to build injection molding spindles with tapered roller bearings, we set them up DRY so they could just barely be turned by spinning them using a lever with a six inch length. Then we lubricated the bearings. This was based on the idea that opposed tapered roller bearings never wear...
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    some days i tell ya

    I build machinery for a living. One of the great unspoken truths you learn is "Look under the shop rag." Why? You work, you put the tool down and wipe off your hands, you throw the rag on the bench--on top of the tool. A friend of mine laughed at this until he found his tool under the shop rag...
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    New Shop layout - advice sought

    A belated welcome. Just a couple thoughts about placement for a lathe. Assuming your future lathe is bigger than a mini, I would agree with a previous poster that you don't want to 'deadhead' the headstock bore. My headstock is about 9 feet from the nearest wall. The space in between is filled...
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    VW or Porsche Boxer Engine Plans?

    I would also be interested in acquiring a set of your VW engine plans if you are making copies available. I too cannot find a PM option. Perhaps I haven't posted enough. Jim
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    Friction clutch for small engines

    Just ran across your thread--great design. You might want to try looking at Mcmaster-Carr. They list sheets of brake/clutch lining in various frictional coefficients and thicknesses, starting at .14 x 1/8". Mcmaster is never the cheapest source, but they have most everything and they ship...