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    Small bore rifle barrels.

    Thanks Lisa! Good to hear from you and I appreciate all the info you kindly sent.
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    Lou, please could you tell me about the tilting platforms on either side of the wheels? Are they a Baldor accessory, did you make them or something else? They really look useful!
  3. K

    Small bore rifle barrels.

    Many thanks to each one of you for your most knowledgeable responses. I have been truly enlightened! In particular the video from Ken has well explained how commercial gun barrels are made. Mark's Gatling gun photos were a real bonus and also much appreciated. Hope one day to come close to...
  4. K

    Small bore rifle barrels.

    I have often wondered just how a really small bore rifle barrel is made - bored and rifled such as as airgun or pellet gun? Is there anybody out there prepared to enlight me or advise where I could go to read up on it?
  5. K

    Machine Modification.

    Hello Brian, I was very interested to read about the band saw conversion which I would like to tackle one day but my immediate concern is to get a DRO attached to my Myford Suprer Seven. I am new to this forum and have I got my wires crossed??
  6. K

    Machine Modification.

    I have a Myford Super Seven Lathe with a vertical slide and would like to add a digital read out to all three axis. Does anybody out there have experience with this? Rob.
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    British Model Engineering Magazines looking for a good home

    These are Model Engineer; Engineering in Miniature (now out of print); Model Engineers Workshop & Australian Model Engineering which total over 100. They are in good condition with many in date sequence. I believe are a "treasure trove" and need to go to a good home. You would need to...