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    Can't just help but put in my Two Cents Worth here as we are also in "the Idiot Class" as so crassly painted by the Maestro !! We have joined this most knowledgable Forum not to create any Models or the like but just so's we can LEARN from some of the good Guys here who'd share their...
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    Let's talk drilling...

    Hello there This is one of the BEST Explanations I've read in a long while on WHY a CENTRE DRILL will not lead to a very precise and accurate Drilled Hole. Much appreciate the Post Thanks again for the input aRM
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    My easy solution to No More Clogged Spray Paint Rattle Cans

    What a Great simple practical Solution. Thanks a Zillion for showing and Sharing ATB TC aRM
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    Optimum spindle mount

    Hello Good Guys Does anybody have knowledge of the exact SPINDLE MOUNT specs for a OPTIMUM 280x700 VARIO Lathe These machines we know are sold in the USA as well. We want to buy one and mount a 5C Collett Chuck thereon. Although we have an exact drawing from the...
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    Wtb hardinge hlv-h chuck

    Hi there Like we said earlier, we did a complete deal with the Spanner Wrench being supplied and the Gent seemed to be very conversant about his chuck being mounted specifically with one of these Wrenches. Will only come to know exactly what we have when the...
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    Wtb hardinge hlv-h chuck

    Hi We finalised and paid for the 160 mm Chuck together with the Adjustable Pin Spanner which the gent will supply. He assured us of a TIR of .001" which we think for our purposes is adequate enough. Will remember what U say about over tightening when mounting...
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    Wtb hardinge hlv-h chuck

    Hi Guys There is a nice looking new 3 Jaw, 8 Deg Tapered, 160 mm chuck for sale on E at a seemingly reasonable price, which we are very interested in. Question is how would we ascertain or establish, without actually installing and running it, that this is indeed a true...
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    Wtb hardinge hlv-h chuck

    There's a nice looking new 6" 160mm 3 Jaw Taper lock Chuck with Wrench and a set of soft Jaws sold by Paul Heston57 on EBay at a reasonable price, ( so we think ). The question now begs, how would we know and ascertain this is a quality made accurate Chuck for...
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    Wtb hardinge hlv-h chuck

    Perfect. Just looked at a similar one on E. Will look for the specific Armstrong sized U are a ......... * !!! All the best and take Care aRM
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    Wtb hardinge hlv-h chuck

    Sir, We are quite certain ours is a Taper mount and at present are busy talking to a Supplier who just might have the "Cone mount" as U say, on E. He has a threaded mount and did say he also has the Taper mount. LORD WILLING, we just might settle a deal...
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    Wtb hardinge hlv-h chuck

    Thanks for this response. Have looked at eBay and will continue to do so. Only thing is we are a little unsure as to "exactly" which chuck we would be getting, although we do know it has to be the 4 Degree Taper lock type, with the wrench !!! Do...
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    Wtb hardinge hlv-h chuck

    We are wanting a 4"or 5" 3 Jaw Chuck in good condition Alternately do let us know best place to get one Thanks aRM
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    Selecting Tungsten Carbide Turning Inserts for a Small Manual Lathe (Long)

    Try to google carbide inserts code and look at the answer from carbide depot. Kind regards Niels Abildgaard NEILS Hello there Sent U a PM requesting a couple of Your BLADES for the ISCAR Inserts. Do U still have these available or can Your EDM Shop run a...
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    Selecting and Using Tungsten Carbide Partoff Tooling (Long)

    NIELS Hello there Seen a demo of these TANGRIP Inserts. They are awesome. What specific insert would U recommend for Stainless, BMS - Bright Mild Steel etc. ??? Any Dual blades available ??? Would appreciate a couple ??? Know it's been a long time since this...