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  1. J

    Toolpost (or other) grinding in the lathe

    I know this is a bit crude but it did the job but the method could be used for occasional grinding.
  2. J

    cnc engraving recomendations

    Hi Werowance My advice is practice using the machine on your scraps you are going to break cutters the ones supplied are probably not very good quality but will get you going. If you are going to engrave metal then the surface must be flat and perpendicular to your Z axis any slight deviation...
  3. J

    Help a rookie

    Hi Biret I agree with Minh Thanh, If I were you I would try and find a plan of a simple engine then find a part you can make such as a frame, you should be able to find a piece of suitable metal and mark the shape on the metal and start cutting . As a minimum you will need a vice, a half round...
  4. J

    cnc router plans and recomendations

    You may be interested in my CNC machine no plans i'm afraid it just evolved. X axis is basically two 2inch scaffolding tubes joined with two steel box sections. table is built up using 40 and 30mm flat strips to give tee slots. I've used it to cut Steel and have made attachments to do vinyl...