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    Problems with Steel

    My late father, many years ago, was modifying a small box trailer to carry a small dinghy. He went to the local hardware three times to buy the same drill bit because he was convinced that the sheet steel of the mudguard had a hard spot and he was blunting the drill. Eventually, he asked me to...
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    India Tools

    I think with the case of the older Royal Enfields, it has a lot to do with the tranfser of the design from Cast Iron Cylinders and heads and vertical split crank/gear casings to Alloy Cylinders and Heads completely different crank/gear case architecture.
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    India Tools

    It was only about ten years ago that Royal Enfield redesigned the engine and running gear for the 350 and 500 cc "Bullet" based bikes. Up until then, they were still using the 1950s tooling that had been sent over from the plant in England. The older bikes have a reputation for being much more...
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    India Tools

    BTW, Mahindra, Bajaj and Tata have their fingers in lots of pies. Not only Automotive, but banking, Insurance and retail. If you go to a Mall, you'll see foreign retail stores that have in small print on the logo/banner "A Tata Alliance" or "Marindra Alliance". Foreign businesses that want to...
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    India Tools

    There are three domestic (Four Wheeler) passenger vehicle manufacturers in India. Mahindra, Tata and Maruti (which is aligned with Suzuki). 2 in 5 small sedans on the road are Maruti. Mahindra and Tata export to South East Asia and Latin America. They are very much a "LOW COST" build. There...
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    India Tools

    Mahindra tractors are also quite popular here in Australia. Cheers, Hugh
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    India Tools

    My wife and I did enjoy an 18 hour Train ride from Pune to New Delhi (about 2000 Km) when she came to visit. If ever you go to India, you absolutely HAVE to go somewhere by train. I recommend 1st Class AC (Air Conditioned), but I can see that traveling second or third class would be an...
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    India Tools

    You'd think so, but no. The three to four month life span of the Clutch Nut Wrench I refered to earlier (200 Rupees), will be extended to many years by a) using a better material and b) more reliable heat treatment, but the cost will only increase to about 1000 Rupees. Keeping in mind that the...
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    India Tools

    I think Vidharba is northern Maharashtra if I'm not mistaken. It was a plan of mine while I was in Pune to visit a tiger sanctuary, but I quickly learned that what might be a reasonably travellable distance in half a day here in Australia, was generally a 2-3 day journey in India. A visit to a...
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    India Tools

    India sure is big! My comments about my time there and what I saw regarding tool quality were not meant to be negative. Just observations. The market provides what the market demands. And the huge domestic market in India wants the low cost option. The few CNC Machining centres I saw in...
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    India Tools

    It was a few years ago. Probably five maybe. I did let them know, but as has been my experience with India based vendors I didn’t get a very satisfactory response... in the end, I gave appropriate negative feedback... what more can you do short of returning the item. Later, I spent six...
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    India Tools

    My India made 4" Rotary Table (Purchased on Ebay) is woeful. It arrived damaged and barely useable. The Clamping Set that came with it are for a larger t-slot size, so went in the bin. I use it very occasionally when I have no other alternative. Cheers, Hugh
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    Stuart 10V (first engine from castings)

    Gidday John, Not far from you as it happens. I'm up in the hills (Gembrook). Well, I actually did just that and after discovering on Saturday that my micro mill was just big enough (by 2mm in the column height) I bored the cross head guide in the base of the 10h and then after a quick clean up...
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    Stuart 10V (first engine from castings)

    Hi John, Nice job. I just won a casting set of this engine on Ebay... The previous owner had done some of the machining at some stage but seemed to have lost interest. What he did do was reasonable quality though, so I have a good basis to start from. I have the main body of a 10H clamped on...
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    Educate me on brass barrel laps please

    In a previous life I worked for a cold forging company. Most of the tooling was Tungsten Carbide that was turned/ground and then lapped to finish. The majority of the lapping was done with brass and copper lapps. Basically, the lapp was turned to just under the diameter of the bore to be...
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    Hugh's first engine

    The Cylinders for my Twin are two piece affairs. The Steam Chest and Valve Face are milled from a solid block which is then soldered on to the Cylinder body. The Bore of the Cylinders is 12.5mm. The length of the Cylinder Body is 28mm, which should accommodate an 18mm Stroke...
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    "Minnie" traction engine

    They have just started a series for a simple steam roller as we'll... The Minnie scares the hell out of me at the moment, but the Steam roller plan might be a good starter for me... Look forward to seeing updates on your Minnie! Cheers, Hugh
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    Grinding Twist Drill to drill brass.

    As brass is a copper alloy, it behaves a little like copper and will grab drills and turning tools as it pulls them in. Bronze is less likely to behave like this but it can do. I do not tend to grind the negative rake on my drill bits as I hate to have to regrind again for steel ( maybe keep two...
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    Steam Chest/Valve face Dimensions

    Well, I found a PDF copy on the internet and have had a good read of the Cylinder design section. Now I know the answer to my original question... In no uncertain terms. But from the sounds of it, there is certainly no harm in going bigger than the recommended dimensions... just so long as...
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    A Nube from Downunder

    Thanks Rod. I'll look them up. Cheers, Hugh