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    Model steam turbine

    Here is the link: Books & Binders | The Gauge One Model Railway Association (
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    Model steam turbine

    No, you'll have to procure the booklet, supporting thereby G1MRA.
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    Model steam turbine

    Anybody interested in scratch building a steam turbine? Range up to 10 Watt shaft power, 35000 rpm, 4 Bar. Well, G1MRA has pubished my little handbook on this subject . I hope to find some more modellers active in this field! regards Werner
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    Simple Steam Turbine Plans

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and I've read with interest this thread. I have built several gauge 1 steam turbine locomotives which run quite successfully. My latest project is the Pennsy PRR-S2. At 4 Bar, boiler and turbine produce approximately 10 Watt of shaft power at 35'000 rpm. Naturally...